Yonanas Elite Frozen Treat Maker Review (Banana Ice Cream)

The Yonanas Elite is a healthy frozen dessert maker, it makes “ice cream” desserts using 100% fruit.

This machine makes frozen treats that tastes exactly like soft serve ice cream, all without any added sugar or any ingredients other than 100% fruit. Are you someone who would rather eat strawberry ice cream than to eat a bowl of fresh strawberries?

If you’re one of those people who find eating fruit difficult but would like to eat healthier, you’re gonna love this machine. It can turn a few frozen bananas into creamy banana “ice cream,” the perfect frozen treat experience. It works not only with bananas, but also other fruits like strawberries, berries and mango as well.

You get to eat ice cream all you want while getting the full healthy benefits of eating fruit at the same time!

The Yonanas Elite Frozen Healthy Dessert Maker

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How Does it Work?

1. Prepare Ripe Bananas

ripe spotty bananas

First you gotta ripen up a few of your bananas until there are cheetah-like spots all over them, this is how you know when bananas are sugary sweet.

Bananas that are green or yellow without spots are unripe and have a lower sugar content, which makes inferior tasting dessert.

2. Freeze Bananas

Then you put them in the freezer for a period of time, ideally 24hrs.

When you’re ready to make your “ice cream,” take them out and defrost them for about 10 minutes. If it’s too frozen then it won’t work very well and strain the motor, but too soft and it’ll just be too mushy. 

It is suggested that you peel the bananas first and wrap them up in tinfoil before freezing them, this is because peeling frozen bananas are kind of difficult.

3. Using The Machine

Once you’ve done the steps above and ready to go, all you gotta do is turn on the Yonanas machine and the fun can begin.

Just put in the bananas (or other fruits) into the chute, and push it down with the plunger that comes with the machine. Have a bowl ready at the bottom to catch the ice cream that comes out, it will be creamy and sweet and ready to eat! 

You will not believe how 100% fruit without anything added to it can turn into something so soft-servy (is that a word?) and ice-cream like.

Like this:

ice cream made from bananas
Yes, this is 100% bananas

Not Only Bananas, Other Fruits Too!

Try it with frozen strawberries, mango, or a combination of other fruits for your own preference.

Bananas and strawberries are a great classic combo. It is already great on it’s own, but you can add in toppings as well. Sprinkle some granola, toasted pecans or almonds, chocolate chips, or whatever you like.

It would still be healthier than regular dairy ice cream, or even the vegan ice creams you find in the supermarket, these products contain so much fat, added sugar, and unhealthy preservatives that will mess you up.

Tip: Try freezing cubes of soy or almond milk in ice cube trays and add it in when making the desserts for an extra creamy texture

Recipes for All Year-Round

There are a bunch of cool recipes on the Yonanas website, there you will find many creative ways to make things even more interesting. For example, you’ll learn how to make a Yonanas Root Beer Float, affogato Yonanas, and even a 5 layer Yonanas cake!

There are recipes for any season, special occasions or for entertaining guests. Try out the Pumpkin Pie Yonanas recipe during the fall or Halloween season. If you don’t like bananas, you don’t need them at all to use the Yonanans machine, it can make fruit sorbets with apples, pineapples, dragon fruit, mango, blueberries and other fruits.

Other ideas include things like popsicles (YoPops) and ice cream cookie sandwiches.

Here is one of my favorite recipes from the Yonanas website:

Banana Bread Yonanas recipe:

A great way to use up your overly ripe bananas when you crave both banana bread and a sweet ice cream dessert at the same time!


  • 2 frozen peeled ripe bananas
  • 4 medjool dates (pitted)
  • 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • 1/4 cup of dark chocolate chips
  • A generous handful of toasted walnuts


  1. First you toast up the walnuts by chopping them up and throwing them in a pan on medium-high heat. Toast them until they’re nicely browned, then put them aside for later use.
  2. Take the bananas out of the freezer and start thawing them, sprinkle the cinnamon on them.
  3. Take 1 of the bananas and put it into the Yonanas machine.
  4. Take 2 of the medjool dates and add it in.
  5. Put in half of the chocolate chips.
  6. Repeat this process again with the remaining ingredients.
  7. Sprinkle the toasted walnuts on your ice cream before serving.

Cleaning The Machine

Cleaning up with the Yonanas Elite machine is easy and takes less than a minute. The chute, plunger and grinding blade are all removable and safe to use in the dishwasher.

Why People Love It

This is a very popular product  and many customers are praising it for it’s ice cream tasting like soft serve and guilt-free aspect. A lot of people also mention serving this to kids as a great way of having them eat more fruits.

The Elite model is made heavier with more metal than plastic and the motor is stronger than the original version. It is much more quiet than the original and many say it is sturdier when making desserts.

It already seems like you will enjoy many years of ice-cream making with this excellent quality machine, but Yonanas Elite also backs it up with a 3-year warranty for buyers’ peace of mind. 

Final Thoughts

The Yonanas Elite is better and improved version of the original and is a brilliant way to enjoy guilt-free sweet desserts using 100% whole fruits. With this machine you can enjoy eating fruits like never before, and you’ll look forward to filling up your fruit bowl constantly. With the machine on the counter, you will often look forward to using up the fruits to make creative new things.

This is such an innovative way to better the health for yourself and your family, and that’s why I recommend this to anyone. If you enjoyed this review or have a question, please let me know in the comments below.

13 thoughts on “Yonanas Elite Frozen Treat Maker Review (Banana Ice Cream)

  1. Paul says:

    I was immediately interested in this product the moment you mentioned that it makes ice cream using 100% fruit!  Sounds fantastic.  This seriously looks insane.  Just frozen bananas?  Then we can add almond milk and cinnamon and chocolate chips to create different variations?  This actually sounds so nice.  I’m also a health nut so it’s kind of exactly something I’d be looking for.  Thanks for explaining how this works!

    • Kent L says:

      You can also control the consistency of the ice cream by how much the frozen bananas are thawed. When you let it thaw a bit first it turns into sort of a pudding-like consistency instead.

  2. Russell says:

    Being able to eat our fruits in different forms makes it’s consumption much easier and more frequent. Having a machine to help us do so is also a plus and would see more people appreciating the different forms in which plant bassed foods can be served. The Yonanas Elite Frozen Treat Maker appears to be such a machine. The warranty that accompanies it and the fact that it has been designed with easy cleaninng in mind makes owning one much more appealing. Here’s to years of tasty fruit combinations/icecream.

  3. Gameimake says:

    Amazing machine. It makes perfect frozen treats with ice cream and A great way to use up your overly ripe bananas and craves both banana bread and a sweet ice cream dessert.

  4. Priya Darsini says:

    Hi Kent, what an amazing machine is this? I think I should get one.My daughter totally refusing to eat fruits but she likes ice cream a lot! This machine can solve my problem.It’s like 2 in 1. Healthier fruit ice cream without any preservatives! Thanks a lot for this great information Kent!

    • Kent says:

      Hey Priya, I just made some banana “ice cream” last night using 100% frozen bananas, and a splash of almond milk. Tasted sooo creamy and good. The only thing about it is that it tends to melt faster than regular ice cream, so you gotta eat it fast. If you’re thinking about getting the Yonanas, you might want to also check out The Dessert Bullet. It’s the same sort of thing, but maybe prices are different, so it’s up to you which one you wanna go with. Thanks for reading my review!

  5. Frank says:

    What a great article. I have friends that are vegan but I am not sure that I can go that far. However, my wife and I are always trying to eat healthier and this sounds like a great option to eating ice cream.

    Do you think eating a lot of fruit ice cream is healthy though because of all the sugars? I know fruit has lots of nutrients and so it’s healthy, but I’m afraid to gain weight if I eat more than a few pieces of fruit a day. My doctors have all told me to be moderate with my fruit intake because fruits have lots of sugar, but I always thought that fruit sugars are the ‘good’ sugar, am I correct in this?

    • Kent says:

      hey Frank, there’s a lot of BS going around about fruit making you fat and giving you diabetes, I think it’s all bull crap. You will never find an obese fruitarian. Take a look into the diet of anyone who is obese and you will find lots of fat, lots of protein, perhaps lots of animal products. Eating too much fruit is the last thing you need to worry about, not eating enough is usually the problem!

  6. Liz says:

    This seems like a very nice machine for parents with little ones and want them to eat healthier. I will definitely take look more into this since this seems like such a great investment to have i the kitchen. I know you put a banana bread ice ream recipe that sounds absolutely delicious! Thanks for the info as this is my first time hearing about this machine.

    • Kent says:

      Hey Liz, it’s definitely great to have the kids involved, if they don’t normally like fruit then perhaps this is the perfect way to have them eat it. Thanks for reading my post

  7. Louise says:

    What a great machine. It sounds like it makes very tasty snacks and desserts.

    I’m intrigued though – if it just uses fruit, how does it turn out so creamy? Does it have a freezing mechanism in it to make everything cold?

    Also, can you put harder textured things in too such as nuts?


    • Kent says:

      Yes you can totally put in things like nuts or even chocolate with the fruit to add more dimension to your ice cream.

      Why does it turn out so creamy? a lot of people feel surprised that fruit can be made to taste like ice cream, but that’s just actually how it is. Frozen fruit can taste like creamy ice cream. The cold comes from the fruit already being frozen to begin with when you put it in, so no freezing mechanism necessary.

      You can actually create similar results the machine gives you by just using a blender. Put in your frozen bananas with a few drops of water, and then blend while stirring your bananas with something like a spoon. As your bananas blend, it will turn into banana ice cream. You can try to do it this way first, and if you like the idea, the machine is a great way to do it right with more efficiency.

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