Why Should You Become A Vegan? (3 Major Reasons)

Why Go Vegan?

First of all if you don’t know already, a vegan is someone who does not consume animal products or use any products that derive from them. They are Not The Same As Vegetarians, because vegetarians can still consume eggs, dairy, honey, and other things like that. Some people tell me they don’t get it, they ask “why should I become a vegan, what’s the point?”  Well, there are a couple of reasons why people may choose to become a vegan.

Health Reasons:

health reasons to stop eating animals

  • A vegan diet can prevent, treat, and even reverse heart disease. It can also reduce your risk of many of the common diet related diseases such as cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure.
  • Animal products such as meat have high levels of saturated fat and can raise cholesterol, processed meats especially, has been linked to some types of cancer. (source)
  • You can get all the nutrients you need to be healthy on a vegan diet. The only thing you have to supplement is vitamin B12.  If you don’t like taking vitamin pills you can also get B12 via products that are fortified with vitamin B12, such as some vegan meat substitutes, almond milk, clif bars, and much more. Vitamin B12 is not made by animals, they are made by bacterial fermentation and is in the soil. Vegans dont get enough of it because we wash out the soils before eating.
  • There are many ways to go vegan, and not all vegan foods are healthy (potato chips, fries, oreos.) But generally speaking if you stick to plant based foods in their whole and natural form, then you cant really go wrong with that.


Ethical Reasons:

ethical reasons

  • Factory farming is cruel and unethical in the way they raise and kill the animals. 55 million animals are slaughtered on a daily basis for human consumption. That’s over 2 million per hour and 28,000 per minute. If you go vegan you will be saving the lives of approximately 200 animals per year. If you are an animal lover then the best way to show your love for animals is to stop supporting the cruelty of the meat and dairy industry by going vegan today.
  • There is no humane way to kill an animal, and free range farming is not as healthy and humane as you might think. Many hens in large-operation free range farms still suffer the same kind of ordeal as the hens in regular factory farming such as having their beaks sawed off with a hot blade, and then cramped together in a filthy and disgusting little shed.


Environment And The Planet:

environmental reasons

  • Livestock accounts for approximately 9% of the global CO2 emissions, 40% of methane emissions, and 65% of nitrogen dioxide emissions.
  • Feeding livestock also take lots of food. The world’s cattle alone eat an amount of food that can feed over 8 billion people. The more people go vegan, the less livestock we have to feed and kill unnecessarily.
  • There is a lot of water on the planet, but only 2.5% of it is fresh water. 70% of that water goes toward the agricultural industry, and 29% of that is used towards the production of animal products. Most of this water is used to irrigate the land on which grows food to be fed to the animals.
  • Deforestation is a major issue that is caused mainly by the animal agricultural industry. About 80% of the deforestation is caused by animal agriculture, and cattle ranching has destroyed more rain forest and biodiversity than any other human activity on the planet.


So by now I hope you have gained some understanding on the reasons why you should go into a Vegan Diet and Lifestyle. There are many reasons to go vegan and not a whole lot of reasons not to. You do it for the benefit of your own health, the environment, the planet and the animals.

I hope this article has helped you in some way in deciding what diet and lifestyle you choose, if you have any comments and/or questions, please leave them below!

6 thoughts on “Why Should You Become A Vegan? (3 Major Reasons)

  1. Jim says:

    I have gone vegan a number of times in my life. But, eventually, I always seem to veer back toward beef, chicken, and fish.

    Eating meat in some form has been ingrained in me my whole life. I have become convinced that eating meat for many years actually created a “meat addition” for me.

    I like the idea of a 7-day vegan challenge. But, maybe, I will start with a 3-day challenge. Baby steps. If I can get through 3 days, I can get through 7 days. And, if I can get through 7 days, I can get through 2 weeks.

    It is like trying to quit smoking…another nasty habit. I conquered that one…so, I should be able to conquer this one, too!

    I definitely appreciate you opening my eyes to the barbaric slaughter of animals. I really did not comprehend that it was on such a massive scale!


    • Kent says:

      Hey Jim, glad to hear you’re at least trying to cut off the animal products.

      I understand its hard if you’ve eaten meat your whole life, but I’m curious about the times you tried to go vegan and how did you go about doing it? I mean, how hard vegan is depends on what foods you replace meat with. If you’ve eaten the standard american diet your whole life and then cut them out one day cold turkey, that can be very difficult and like you said akin to quitting smoking.

      Perhaps you should try replacing the meat with meat-free products that mimic the tastes of meat, such as black bean burgers, meatless fish fillets, meatless meatballs, chick n’ sliders…etc I mean, personally I found going vegan very easy because I used these products a lot and the interesting thing is after a while, I actually loved meatless meats more than the real meat! They satisfy all my cravings for meaty and hearty foods and I know they’re all certified vegan and therefore cruelty free. There’s a literally a vegan version of all your favorite animal foods. Cheese? Theres vegan cheese. Milk? theres plant-based milks like almond milk and rice milk.

      Perhaps you already tried some meatless products before and didn’t like it, I urge you to try different brands like the ones I suggested in the links above. There are thousands upon thousands of different variety of these meatless products, and their taste vary a lot. Just because you’ve had some you didn’t like, just keep trying new ones and eventually you’ll find ones that will surprise you.

  2. neil says:

    Wow thanks for all that information!
    It is crazy really when you look at the figures of how much is consumed not only in terms of eating meat but also in what is fed to the animals just for them to be slaughtered and eaten.
    Veganism is not something I have seriously considered before however I do think that it would be a help to the entire planet if the world started veering more towards the vegan lifestyle.

    • Kent says:

      Hi Neil,
      sure it would be great if the world took steps to the vegan lifestyle, any kind of steps would be a positive thing. Maybe start with a 7-day vegan challenge. If you’re a heavy meat eater then the Gardein Meatless products might be a great help in transitioning you to vegan foods. Anyone can start a 7-day vegan challenge, or even a 3-day challenge, you should try it for however long it is. Once you realize that vegan foods taste just as good as any other foods and how easy it is, you might want to extend the challenge to a month, or even permanently for life.

  3. afqmhub says:

    For whatever reason any single human on this planet earth own preference, most importantly I have full respect of their choices. Over here I just offer my point of view.

    The stats provided above awesome. But if we fall back to the nature’s way without taking any political, science manipulation or any element of issue etc, the whole original cycle of our life without concerning type of group we are, just perfect.

    Every creation on the planet earth is related one to another. The right use of sources available not only for food but everything perfectly balanced. But most often than not, the greedily of human races that make planet earth imbalance.

    In the end of the day everybody got their own preferences and option. Together we protect the Mother’s Nature.

    • Kent says:

      hey afqmhub,
      good to hear about your point of view on choices of all the people in the world can make. I think we can just try to eliminate unnecessary suffering wherever possible and that is best way to improve the lives of everyone in the end. so thanks for your comment

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