Why Is Trophy Hunting Wrong? 3 Reasons Hunting Sucks

deer head hanging on wall taxidermy

When I talk about “hunting” in this post, I specifically mean hunting for sport, specifically trophy hunting, as opposed to hunting for food. Trophy hunting is basically where people kill animals for “sport,” aka for the fun of it, not survival. 

Some people hunt for food and although I also oppose that as a vegan, I’d at least give them props for not supporting the conventional factory farm industry which is more cruel by far. But murdering living things for fun is a totally different beast.

So why is trophy hunting wrong? The reason it’s called trophy hunting is because part of the animal they kill is taxidermized and kept as a souvenir. I’m sure you’ve seen the heads of animals on the walls of a hunter’s home.

Some trophy hunters justify the murders by saying that hunting helps with conservative of the species.

Here are the top 3 reasons why I think that’s BS:

1. Entire Species Can Be Affected

Trophy hunting can indirectly cause the deaths of more animals. For example, the male lion’s head is a very sought after prize among trophy hunters. When these male lions are killed, a leader position is opened in the herd which leads to a lot of competition which can result in many lion deaths. The lion population has already decreased by about 10x in the last century, there’s only about 20,000 lions left in the world and is currently a threatened species, yet people continue to hunt these creatures.

2. It Doesn’t Bring In As Much Money As They Believe

When trophy hunters travel to places like the Safari in Africa to hunt big game like elephant and lions, they pay a lot of money to get the permission to hunt there, something like $20,000 per trip at least. Trophy hunters would argue that this money goes a long way towards helping the country’s game conservation efforts as well as the local economy. But the problem is that studies have been done and shown that the money doesn’t even reach the majority of communities. Most of the money don’t go to the right places, instead they end up mostly in the hands of greedy middlemen. 

3. Financial Incentives

Keeping track of the population of species is important, it has to be made sure that the hunting of the species is sustainable. Lets just sum it up like this… people are greedy, so even if the population of a species is getting real low, people can be tempted by the financial incentive to keep allowing the hunting to go on.

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