Why Do People Kill Innocent Bugs For Fun?

giant insect bee scary looking bug

I got into veganism in 2012 because I thought it was a good diet to help me lose weight, but the main reason I stayed vegan all these years because I didn’t want to be part of this unnecessary suffering for the animals.

So you can imagine how it makes my blood boil when hearing about people hunting deer, bear, or other sentient creatures for trophies (aka killing for fun.)

My reasoning is not this whole having the right or not having the right to take another being’s life, it’s more of the unnecessary suffering that pisses me off. So in this post I want to rant a little bit about bugs, since they’re not sentient in the way that mammals are, should people (especially vegans) still care about harming them?

People kill bugs for generally 2 reasons:

  1. They do it to get them out of a certain place, to eliminate a threat to themselves.
  2. They do it for fun. Killing is enjoyable to them.

The second one bothers me, why do people kill innocent bugs for fun?

Killing for Necessity VS Killing for Sport

man stabbing with a knife killing motion

I can understand that people don’t want a cockroach or a spider in their room and killing it to discard them is a reasonable thing to do. As a vegan I do not care about this. I don’t even care about people gathering bee’s honey, because all I care about is unnecessary suffering. If bees are insentient and can’t feel pain (people can debate on that, but my opinion so far is that bugs don’t feel pain) then killing them for the  betterment of your life situation is totally okay.

But when you’re killing things just for fun, it shows that darkness that is in you, one may wonder what else you’re capable of. Honestly, I feel that if you’re killing bugs for fun, chances are you’re one of those who will also kill/torture pets for fun. And why would they stop there? How do you think they treat people?

Killing for fun is backwards and shouldn’t even be legal. But I mean this more for specifically for trophy hunting. I have less of a problem with hunters who do it to sustain themselves. Even as a vegan, I do calm down a bit when people say they hunt to live off the land and choose not to support factory farming. I mean, I don’t agree with it, I think in 2017 you can live and thrive with no health issues on a 100% vegan diet, so there’s still no reason to kill animals for your food.

But anyway, I’ll probably stop the rant here and hopefully readers will comment. If you have any thoughts on this please leave a thought below in the box, share on social media if you agree.

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