Why Do People Eat Animals Then Claim They’re “Animal Lovers”?

care for dogsg and cats but slaughter pigs and chickens cows

You know what I’m talking about… you see a facebook post showing animal abuse, everyone comments on it and the vast majority of people feel anger towards the animal abuser. People who hurt animals should be punished, and most people would agree, albeit while eating a steak themselves! So then why do people eat animals? What’s up with that?

The Hypocrisy of “Animal Lovers”

If you claim to be an animal lover then you shouldn’t be contributing to an industry that imprison, torture, and slaughter billions of them every year. Doing so makes you a hypocrite.

People say “oh killing them for food is different cause it’s for survival,” but it’s not really. Despite veganism growing more mainstream every year, there is still a lot of myths and BS surrounding this diet and lifestyle. One of them is that you need certain nutrients that only meat can provide.

What Nutrients Can Only Meat Provide?

If protein is your answer, then read this: Top 10 Vegan Foods High in Protein. 

If you still think it’s too difficult to get enough protein on a vegan diet, check out these 10 professional vegan athletes and ask them if they get enough protein.

If you don’t think vegans can get enough calcium cause we don’t drink cow’s milk or eat cheese, read this: How Do Vegans Get Calcium?

Oh what about vitamin B12? You can’t find B12 in vegetables or fruit, right? The thing about B12 is that it’s a vitamin that is produced by bacteria, when animals eat them it gets into their bodies and then we eat them, and that’s how meat eaters get their B12. My point is meat doesn’t produce vitamin B12, it’s found in bacteria in the soil.

Because we wash fruits and vegetables before we eat them, we wash away the soil and bacteria which contains the B12. The solution is simple: B12 supplements, or eating foods fortified with B12 such as almond milk and some cereals. Read more about how vegans get their vitamin B12 HERE.

So what else? I know there are a plethora of different kinds of nutrients that the human body needs to thrive and grow, but whatever nutrients you can think of, a vegan diet can provide that.  If you disagree with me then leave a comment down below and let me know what nutrient you don’t think vegans can get on a 100% plant-based diet.

What’s Wrong With Killing Animals For Food?

I’ll be honest with you, I’m not like most vegans who think the act of taking away the animal’s life is wrong per se, I just don’t agree with unnecessary suffering.

In my opinion there’s nothing wrong with killing an animal for food if you can do it without causing any suffering to it. The problem is the imprisonment of animals in commercial factory farms where the conditions are so terrible that these sentient beings are literally tortured day in and out.

When you’re buying meat from a grocery store, you’re not just killing an animal, you’re contributing to THIS:

They shouldn’t have to suffer like this just because you wanted a NY steak sandwich, a glass of milk, eggs on your toast, or whatever animal foods you’re addicted to. You don’t need meat, eggs, or dairy to be healthy, you just don’t! Quit listening to the lies in the mainstream media.

Another dumb excuse I hear is “oh but killing animals for food is natural, look at lions…etc” Carnivores like lions, tigers, and other cats need meat to survive, no doubt about that. Depriving them of meat would be cruel. And if humans needed meat to survive it would also be cruel to force people to go vegan. But like I’ve said, you don’t need meat to survive, you can achieve optimal health on a whole food plant-based diet, and this thing where people compare humans to lions is just a silly excuse. 

What About Eating Organic?

Okay, so you still don’t want to give up meat but you do care about the welfare of animals, so you choose to buy organic meat. Organic meat means that the animals are typically treated a bit better than normal factory farms. They have more room to move around, they get more sunshine, open space and fresh air, sounds good right?

Sure the conditions for the animals are a bit better, but it’s still imprisonment, and ultimately they all still get sent to the same slaughterhouse. Imagine if you were imprisoned in a tiny jail cell on death row, would you rather upgrade to a bigger jail cell and still be in death row, or just be freed completely to live the life you were meant to live out in the open world?

Eating Dogs & Cats VS Eating Pigs/Cows/Chickens

house pets dont get eaten by humans
Why are cats and dogs your friend, but cows/pigs/chicken food?

Dogs and cats are the most common pets for humans, especially in the western countries. If you tell people you like eating dogs and cats in the USA, you will probably get beaten up or even killed, people treat dogs and cats like their own kids. I mean, people literally go to prison for animal abuse… as they should.

But the messed up thing is if you tell those same people who are anti-killing dogs & cats that you enjoy a big steak, and suddenly you’re a champion, a “real man.” WTF is up with this?

Did you know that pigs are really smart? Even smarter than dogs and 3 year old human babies. Pigs, cows, chickens, even fish… are all sentient creatures that are capable of feeling pain. Why aren’t you okay with serving roasted dog for dinner, but are okay with serving roasted pig? It’s all got to do with the culture we were raised in. In some countries like India, a cow is sacred and are treated with respect, but it’s totally opposite in the west. 

Final Thoughts

Regardless of what country or culture you were raised in, you should be able to see that forcing unnecessary suffering upon animals for your taste buds’ pleasure is wrong. You don’t need meat to survive, you don’t need meat to be in optimal health, and getting rid of animal products in better for your health anyway. 

If you’re an animal lover, there is no reason for you to be eating meat. Regardless of what culture you were raised in, what tradition you have, you can make your own decisions right now to quit eating these foods.

People say “Oh whats the point? Me going vegan ain’t going to make any difference.” For me it’s not even about that. I know whatever difference I’m making (if any) is minuscule, but it’s about your character and ethics. It’s about not wanting to take part in something horrific because you believe it’s wrong. And if you are an animal lover, then you wouldn’t want to see them getting abused, tortured, and slaughtered. Going vegan would be the most logical thing you can do.

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3 thoughts on “Why Do People Eat Animals Then Claim They’re “Animal Lovers”?

  1. James Falk says:

    My pet bird used to want to eat chicken skins and eggs with me, but I never letted it do that cuz I thought that would make my bird a cannibal… so anyway, I switched Buddha to pringles instead anytime I’d be eating chicken, I loved that birdy 🙂

  2. I have wondered about this very issue for decades. People don’t want to consider what they are really doing. I was vegetarian for 30 years and I am now 95% vegan and ashamed of my other 5%. Lets face it, using milk occasionally is not much different than eating meat! Hopefully as more people wake up to the consequences of their food choices, humane food options will be more available everywhere.

    • I don’t think I’m 100% vegan either. The thing is there are so many things I have ate that I’m not 100% sure are vegan. For example I’d buy a Subway “vegan” sandwich, but the knife used to cut the sandwich could have traces of meat on it from cutting meat sandwiches. So I think 95% vegan is still pretty good, it’s all about doing your best to avoid animal products.

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