Vegan Options at Fast Food Restaurants – McDonalds & Subway

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I used to eat at McDonalds at least a couple of times every month, and I was a big eater…

A typical order for me would be at least 4 burgers, usually 2 junior chicken and 2 McDoubles, a small or medium fries, and a 10-piece chicken McNuggets. I know eating so much crap isn’t healthy, so I’d deliberately make myself throw up afterwards so my body didn’t have to digest all that poison. I don’t think that’s wasting it, I mean, I ate McCrap for the taste which I’d already enjoyed, not the nutritional values.

After I went vegan I was quite sad I couldn’t binge eat like that anymore at McDonalds. I looked at coupons mailed to my home and stared at it, wondering what I could eat, was there anything at McDonalds that’s vegan? The answer is yes. There are always vegan options at fast food restaurants, but they’re extremely limited.

McDonalds Vegan Menu Items

  • Fries – You would think something as simple as potato french fries should be vegan, but no, they somehow have to put in some animal products. Well, in the USA anyway. American fries have hydrolyzed milk in them, and they’re fried in oil that has beef flavoring. Luckily for me cause I’m Canadian, our McDonalds fries don’t have that crap and are vegan. 
  • Hash browns – Like the fries, it’s vegan in Canada, they cook the fries and hash browns in the same fryer separate from all the other non-vegan fried stuff. Not sure about the US though, probably not vegan. 
  • Oatmeal – Oh it’s vegan alright, but who the hell goes to McDonalds for oatmeal? You can eat that at home
  • Bagels – They’re vegan, just make sure you specify that they don’t slab on any butter. Ask for peanut butter and jam. 
  • Burger Buns – Look, if you’re desperate you can always ask for a burger with just the buns, lettuce, and tomatoes. No burger, no mayo, no cheese…no fun. Personally I wouldn’t pay $3 for a bun with ketchup and lettuce.
  • Smoothies – Their fruit smoothies can be vegan if you order it without the yogurt. Rather than saying that you’re vegan, just say you’re allergic to dairy, this way the staff will take you more seriously.

Subway Vegan Menu Items

There’s really only 1 Subway sandwich that is vegan, and that is the Veggie Delite. But hey, better 1 than none. 

I have ordered this more times than I can count. To get the most bang for your buck just say “everything” when they ask what ingredients you would like in your sandwich.

Obviously leave out the cheese. For the bread you’ll want to go with Italian, sourdough, or hearty Italian. For the dressing go with the deli brown mustard, vinegar, buffalo sauce, sweet onion, fat-free Italian dressing, or yellow mustard.

You can get a foot long in Canada for $6, so it’s not bad at all.

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2 thoughts on “Vegan Options at Fast Food Restaurants – McDonalds & Subway

  1. Hey Kent, not sure if they do it there in Canada but here in the states you can get salads at subway. Which in essence, the ingredients are probably still about the same as the veggie delight just minus the bread but I just thought I would mention it in case.

    I was wondering too though, as a vegan, would you be worried about your food being cooked in the same friers as meats? I mean, sometimes I order nuggets and have bits of fries in the container and vice versa. What do you do in these cases?


    • Hey Marlinda, you brought up a good point. You always gotta be careful when eating “vegan” things at non-vegan places. I know the fries and hash browns at McDonalds are done on a fryer separate from the chicken nuggets and other fried animal stuff, so it’s safe. But other instances like subway where they cut every sandwich with the same knife, so I’m positive if you order a veggie delite you’ll still get traces of meat because of that. You could ask the guy to wash the knife first or use a different knife, but that’s a lot of crap to deal with imo.

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