Vegan Lifespan VS Meat Eater – Why Omnivores Die Faster

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A pet peeve of mine is when people use a skinny and weak vegan wimp as the poster boy for veganism. There are both strong and weak vegans, just as there are strong and weak meat eaters. Same goes for health, some vegans and meat eaters are healthy, some are not.

But if you look at the data and research, you will find that vegans are healthier and and live longer than meat eaters on average. Not only do they live longer, they also get less health issues as they age. So let’s look at the vegan lifespan vs meat eater, and why vegans live longer and healthier lives.

Animal Foods Are Disease Causing

You may not believe it if you’re a meat eater, but many animal foods contribute heavily to both heart disease and cancer (the top 2 killers in the US) due to it’s nature of being high in saturated fat & cholesterol which help cause these diseases to form in the body.

The World Health Organization has recently classified processed meats (ham, sausages, chicken nuggets etc) as Class 1 Carcinogens…. that’s in the same category as smoking cigarettes! Red meat is a “probable” carcinogen, which means it probably causes cancer, think about that for a minute the next time you eat a hotdog or a steak.

You can read the WHO report HERE.

Vegan Foods are Disease Fighting

When you’re not eating meat, you fill the void with healthier plant-based alternatives. People ask the typical dumb questions like “where do vegans get protein?” There are tons of plant foods that are high in protein: the many types of legumes, nuts, seeds, tofu, soybeans… and protein is so overrated because you won’t find a report on vegans getting protein deficiency, that’s not a real thing, that’s a myth.

Vegan diets are often full of things like fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes which are all high in fiber, high in antioxidants and other important nutrients that help fight off and prevent those top killers. Also vegans get less diabetes, lower heart pressure, and a healthier gut profile because of this.

Imagine all those extra years added into your life if you don’t need to worry about most diet related diseases. It’s not just about quantity either, vegans can live better because they don’t need to be on like 10 different meds for all those health problems that a lot of meat eaters will get.

Vegans Tend to Be Health Nuts

If you’re a vegan, there’s a high chance you’re also into things like running, meditation, yoga, and all kinds of hippie stuff. My point is people who are drawn to the vegan diet and lifestyle generally are  already health nuts, they eat well and avoid the unhealthy vegan foods like faux meats and other “fake” foods. 

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