Top 5 Non Dairy Coffee Creamer Brands – 100% Vegan!

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Most of us can’t start our day without some sort of caffeine, whether that comes in the form of tea or coffee. Personally I can’t stand black coffee, it’s bitter and disgusting, but if you like that kind of stuff, then more power to you.

Like myself, many people would prefer a little bit of coffee creamer in their cup of joe. It’s not just the bitter taste of coffee that bothers me, I mean, a few spoonfuls of sugar just isn’t enough to do the trick. I love adding in creamers that completely transform the coffee into a sweet, rich, and creamy beverage.

Luckily for us vegans and other non-dairy people, many companies out there have created coffee creamers that are vegan friendly. Just because they’re vegan doesn’t mean they’ll lack in taste or texture, in fact you might even find them to be better than the real thing!

So go ahead and pour some hot coffee into your favorite mug, and try out these top 5 non dairy coffee creamer brands:

1. Califa Farms – BetterHalf Original Dairy Free Coffee Creamer

This is a new product from Califa Farms. This plant-based coffee creamer is rich, creamy, and decadent. It is free of dairy, soy, gluten, carrageenan, and it is kosher and non-GMO. It is made from a blend of coconut cream and almond milk, a perfect vegan substitute for traditional half-and-half with all the taste, but without all the cruelty of dairy. 

2. Laird – Superfood Turmeric Creamer

This delicious coffee creamer was created by Laird Hamilton, a world renown big-wave surfer and a fitness guru. This turmeric creamer turns your coffee into a golden milk latte, and it is free of dairy, soy, and it’s non-GMO. It’s made with a combination of plant-based ingredients like coconut milk powder, turmeric, and Aquamin (a type of marine-algae that is rich in minerals.) It comes in a powder form that you can add to your coffee, smoothies, or tea. 

3. Nutpods – Original Dairy Free Creamer Unsweetened

Made from heart healthy ingredients like almonds and coconuts, this is a rich and creamy plant-based creamer that is versatile enough that you can use it in your coffee, smoothies, tea, or any cooking recipe that calls for the use of cream. Nutpods coffee creamers are free of any dairy, carrageenan, gluten. They’re also free of any added sugars, so that’s another plus especially for all you low-carbers out there. 

4. SO Delicious – Coconut Milk Barista Style Coffee Creamer

I’m sure you’ve seen the SO Delicious brand before in your local supermarkets. This is one of my favorite brands because all their products are certified vegan. They create delicious vegan ice cream, yogurts, and dairy-free milks and creamers. Made from healthy plant-based ingredients like coconut cream with 100% organic coconuts, you can be rest assured that this creamer is free of any dairy, soy, gluten, and unhealthy additives like carrageenan that you’d usually see in so many other products.

5. Now Foods – Organic Soy Milk Powder

This is a plant-based coffee creamer in powder form that you can conveniently take with you on your travels. Most coffee shops nowadays would have some sort of non-dairy alternatives, but there’s still some that don’t have this option. You can always carry a little baggie of organic soy milk powder with you wherever you go, especially if you’re traveling to a foreign country where the cafes may not be so vegan-friendly. This is actually a soy milk powder, but it can be used as a coffee creamer as well due to it’s rich and creamy texture upon mixing. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re a vegan or someone who avoids dairy, you may have thought that coffee creamers were a no-go for sure. You may have tried to replace coffee creamers with some non-dairy vegan milks like almond milk or rice milk, I’ve done just that in the past but they’re just not as good, they’re too thin and watery.

But times have changed and now everywhere you look there are vegan substitutes for all your favorite foods, drinks, and everything else you can think of. So why not try out some of these products, and help save animals from cruelty and abuse? The 7 day vegan challenge is a great way to get your foot in the waters.

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Non Dairy Coffee Creamer Brands – 100% Vegan!

  1. Peter hanley says:

    I am not a Vegan, can’t be and won’t be but I am extremely averse to milk products.
    In fact, I had to give up on most coffee shops because of the overuse of Milk Products
    Soya does not do it for me nor Almond Not milk so I have gone all black coffee.

    However some times I crave a different taste but just can not go back to traditional Milk.

    In your post, you have certainly given some good ideas as we go through to Amazon and 
    able to buy and try.

    Your blog meets a need and covers it well and the headers lead me to other opportunities.

    Peter H

    • Kent says:

      Yeah these are good milk/cream alternatives regardless of whether you’re vegan or just someone with a lactose intolerance.

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