Top 10 Strong Wild Animals That Are Herbivores

big and strong rhino with baby

Herbivores are animals that only eat plants like fruits, leaves, twigs, grass, and other things like that. They don’t eat meat because their teeth are broad and flat, and their stomachs are not designed to digest it.

Herbivores vs Carnivores/Omnivores

Anatomically speaking herbivores are completely different from carnivores and omnivores. As mentioned, the teeth of herbivores are flat and broad, while carnivores and omnivores have sharp canine teeth used for killing and tearing flesh apart.

Another difference is that herbivores usually have several stomach chambers and they’re longer and more complex, while carnivores and omnivores have shorter and simpler digestive systems.

Just because herbivores eat only plants, doesn’t mean they’re weak! In fact, some of the biggest and strongest animals on this planet are herbivores. While they’re prey to many carnivores and omnivores, if you go by brute strength alone, most of these herbivores can certainly hold their own against their predators.

Here Are The Top 10 Strong Wild Animals That Are Herbivores:

1. Cows

cows cattle strong

Cows are very widespread and they exist in almost every country in the world. I love cows because they’re very giant but gentle creatures. They eat grass and hay and love to chill on a grassy pasture when not being exploited and slaughtered for human consumption.

2. Elephants

herd of gray asian elephants

Elephants are the biggest of the big land animals. The average male African Bush Elephant weighs an average of over 13,000 pounds and over 10 ft tall. They eat lots of leaves, bark, fruits, and shrubs. Unfortunately about 30,000 elephants die every year due to hunting and poaching due to the high value of their tusks from which ivory is extracted.

3. Gorillas

big gorilla

Gorillas are primates that live mostly in Africa. They eat mostly a vegetarian diet of fruits, leaves, plant stalks, and shoots. But occasionally some gorillas will eat insects like termites and ants as well. They are very strong and walk with their knuckles. Gorillas don’t attack people unless they feel threatened, in which case they’ll bluff charge and make a lot of roaring sounds.

4. The Giant Panda

bamboo eating giant pandas from china

Giant pandas are technically carnivores, but they eat mostly a diet of bamboo shoots and rarely any meat. They’re found mostly in Western China. Unfortunately they’re an endangered species due to widespread hunting and poaching. They are very peaceful animals and only attack when provoked.

5. Giraffes

big tall giraffes

Giraffes are the tallest land animals in this world. They are native to the desert of Africa and belong to the Girrafidae family. They are vegetarians that eat fruit, grass, shrubs, and due to their long necks they also eat leaves on very tall trees. They’re hunted only by lions, but even lions don’t hunt them very often because giraffes have very long and strong legs that can easily cripple or kill a lion with one lucky kick.

6. Hippopotamus

group family of hippos in water

The name hippopotamus means “river horse”, they are the 3rd largest land animals on this planet. Hippos are semi-aquatic animals and can live in both underwater and on land. They are native to Africa and although vegetarians, they are known to be very aggressive and territorial. So beware, and stay far away from them.

7. Horses

strong fast horse

Horses are found all over the world and are used by humans as pets and for riding and carrying things. They can sleep both laying down and standing up, and baby horses can start running very shortly after birth. They eat a diet of grass and hay for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

8. Manatee

cow of the sea manatee

Manatees are also known as “sea cow” and are very large and gentle giants of the sea. They can weigh up to well over 1,000 pounds and eat a diet of turtle grass, manatee grass, algae, and other floating vegetation. If you see a manatee approaching you in the water, don’t panic! they just want to be friends.

9. Rhinos

big and strong rhino with baby

Rhinos are thought by many people to be the descendants of Triceratops, a type of dinosaur. Just like Triceratops, rhinos are vegetarians. They eat fruits, leaves, grass, and shoots. They are huge animals that can weigh up to 1.5 tons. There are 5 different species of rhinos: White Rhino, Black Rhino, Javan Rhino, Indian Rhino, and Sumatran Rhino. The White, Black, and Sumatran have 2 horns while the Indian and Javan Rhinos have just 1 horn.

10. Bison

big strong horned bison

Bison, aka “buffalo” are very large cows that are native to North America and Europe. Male bison are an average of 6 feet tall and weigh about 2,000 pounds, while females are about 5 ft tall and weigh 1,000 pounds. They are grazers and spend their day peacefully eating grass and bark.

What’s your favorite herbivore on this list? Mine has got to be the cow. I just love gentle giants that just wants to exist peacefully without harming anybody. If your favorite herbivore isn’t on this list, post them down below in the comment box!

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