The Magic Bullet vs NutriBullet Comparison (Who Wins?)

Both of these blenders come from the Bullet brand and have many similarities. They both have a 1-year warranty and are build with the same technology. What separates them apart is mainly their motor speed.

The Nutribullet has a 600 watt power base, this makes blending quicker and the end product a lot more smooth, and this allows for finer grinding of coffee, crushed ice and spices. The Magic Bullet only has a 250 watt, it is good for blending softer ingredients, but doesn’t do as well when blending dense things. They also both comes with accessories (cups, lids, blades, recipe books) but the Magic Bullet has more of them (17 pieces) than the Nutribullet (12 pieces).

The regular Nutribullet with 600 Watts has 2 upgraded models (NutriBullet Pro and NutriBullet Rx) which are even more powerful, but in this Magic Bullet vs Nutribullet comparison, we will be looking at the Nutribullet with 600 watts.

Magic Bullet vs NutriBullet


1. Very Simple To Use

Both of these machines are designed and operated in much the same way, they both use the “cyclonic cutting process,” which means the bullet-shaped cup helps the ingredients circulate back to the blades, creating a more efficient blending process.

You load your ingredients into the jar and then close it with the lid which has the blades attached. You turn the jar and lock it onto the motor base. They both have 1 speed settings for the blades, and you turn on the blades by pressing the jar. The blades will keep running as long as you’re pressing the jar, it will stop once you let go. To keep it running hands-free you press it and turn it clockwise, just turn it back in the opposite direction to switch off the blade.

2. Versatility

They both can blend, mix, chop, grind and shred virtually any kind of food ingredient in about 10 seconds or less. Both of them come with a 10 second recipe book which shows all the different foods you can make. Not only blend protein shakes and smoothies, but also chop onions and garlic, make dips and sauces, whip omelets, make fresh peanut butter, mix cake batter,  and so on…

3. Cleaning Is Easy

All the cups have a wide opening to make it easy to rinse and wipe the the interior by hand. The cups are also dishwasher safe on the top rack, and the motor base can be wiped with a warm wet cloth.

4. High Quality Material

They’re both made with high quality metal and safe non-toxic plastic free of BPA (Bisphenol A.)


1. Size & Weight

The NutriBullet is slightly bigger than the Magic Bullet both in weight and capacity. The NutriBullet is 2.84kg and holds a maximum capacity of 24oz with it’s large size jar, the Magic Bullet is 1.80kg and it’s largest jar has a maximum capacity of 18oz.

2. Motor Power & Performance

The main difference between them is the power of the motor. The Nutribullet has 600 Watts and that is over 2x  more powerful than the Magic Bullet’s 250 watts. They both have a one speed setting, but their blades operate at different RPMs. The Magic Bullet runs at 2,000 RPM while the NutriBullet runs at 20,000 RPM. This means the NutriBullet is far better in terms of yielding consistency and smoothness, especially with blending denser ingredients like ice, coffee beans, nuts, and seeds, and it goes without saying that the more powerful blender costs more.

3. Accessories

They both come with many accessories in the box as well as the option to purchase them separately. As said previously, The Magic Bullet has smaller cups and jars, but comes with more of them, including the different colored lip rings which is a handy use for special parties and gatherings.

The NutriBullet is a 12-piece set which includes these things:

  • 1 600 Watt motor power base
  • 1 milling blade
  • 1 emulsifying (extractor) blade
  • 1 24oz jar
  • 2 18oz jars (1 with handle, 1 without)
  • 2 lip rings (1 with handle, 1 without)
  • 2 resealable lids to maintain freshness
  • 1 user guide and recipe cookbook
  • 1 pocket nutritionist

The MagicBullet is a 17-piece set which includes these things:

  • 1 250 Watt motor power base
  • 1 18oz jar
  • 1 12oz jar
  • 4 party mugs (16oz each)
  • 4 different colored lip rings
  • 1 milling blade
  • 1 extractor blade
  • 2 vented shaker tops
  • 1 book for 10-second recipes

Magic Bullet Summary

What You’ll Love

The Magic Bullet is the original blender of the Bullet brand. It has a bullet-shape cup design and specially designed blades that circulates the ingredients back into a cyclonic cutting zone, this makes it easy to blend, mix, grind, and crush almost any ingredient in about 10 seconds or less.

The jobs it can do include blending soups, smoothies, grating cheese, chopping garlic, and making sauces and dips.

It is a small and elegant machine that’s about the size of a coffee mug, you can put in on your counter-top to replace the bigger and heavier blenders and food processors. It comes with many handy cups, jars, and colored lip rings perfect for friends and family gatherings.

The Bad

The main disadvantages of The Magic Bullet is the 250 Watt motor power. It does a good job blending and mixing softer things, therefore it’s perfect use to make protein shakes and smoothies. But when blending frozen things, nuts, greens, and seeds, you will find some lumps instead of a flawless smooth consistency.

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NutriBullet 600 Summary

What You’ll Love

The NutriBullet 600 uses the same cyclonic cutting zone technology as The Magic Bullet, but only with more power at 600 Watts behind the motor. As with The Magic Bullet, it can blend, mix, grind, and crush most ingredients in 10 seconds or less.

With a more powerful motor, it makes better smoothies. The fruits, nuts, and seeds you blend are liquefied into an even and smooth texture. It shreds seeds and stems to extract the vital nutrients inside, delivering the most nutritional benefits to your body. 

Slightly larger than The Magic Bullet, but it is still a pretty sleek and slender machine that can save you lots of space on the counter-top.

The Bad

The NutriBullet is more powerful than the Magic Bullet, but also costlier as well and just as loud. It is not as powerful as the later model of other NutriBullet machines, the NutriBullet Pro and Nutribullet RX.

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Final Verdict: Who Wins?

The Magic Bullet is great for people who are testing the waters and trying things out. It is not very expensive and still it offers 250 Watts of blending power, this is good enough if you’re looking to make protein shakes, smoothies, or just a handy tool to chop and dice things. If you have some extra coin to spend, The NutriBullet 600 can get you all that plus a high powered motor base, higher RPM, and results that are more consistent and smooth.

Getting into blending raw fruits and vegetables and making healthy drinks everyday is a great start in improving your health. When your health is taken care of, everybody wins. Both blenders can blend healthy drinks, and so both are the winner. Each person is different and may have different needs, so the right blender for you may not be for another person.

I hope that with the above comparisons, you have found it useful in deciding which one you want to purchase. If you want to share your personal experience you have with either of these blenders, please share it with the community in the comments down below! Also please share this post with your friends and family on social media, spread the word on healthy living!

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