The Magic Bullet Blender Reviews and Ratings

What Is The Magic Bullet?

Looking for a blender that can meet all your kitchen needs? The magic bullet is also known as “The personal, versatile, counter top magician”, a small space-saving compact blender that is meant for a variety of uses, replacing some larger appliances in your kitchen such as a full sized blender or a food processor.

This little machine can blend up delicious smoothies, chop onions and garlic, make guacamole dip, whip omelettes, mix banana bread batter, and even grind coffee.

It has been around for many years and it is well known for it’s 30-minute infomercials shown on late night and early morning TV.

The Magic Bullet blender has earned positive reviews and ratings, users praise it for it’s convenient size, nice accessories, and the wide-array of usages.

The budget-friendly price makes it easy for anyone to try it out without committing too deep financially.  It also makes for a great holiday gift, if you know someone who’s into quick, fresh and healthy eating.

Features & Specifications

  • 200 Watts Power Base
  • 2,000 RPM
  • 120 Volts
  • No buttons to press, just push and blend
  • Can blend, chop, whip, grind, and more
  • Comes with many different cups
  • Comes with a recipe booklet

Power and Performance

The Magic Bullet has a 200 watt power base with a 2,000 RPM. It is not so powerful compared to later model bullet blenders such as the NutriBullet 600, but the price reflects this and so you do have to understand what you’re paying for.

The Magic Bullet blender can do a lot of kitchen tasks in about 10 seconds.

This machine works well with softer ingredients such as bananas, berries, batter, almond milk…etc. It can also perform as a grinder for coffee beans and some other dried things, but the smoothness and consistency wouldn’t be there.

It does not do well with blending greens, and so green smoothies will be a bit lumpy.

How Loud Is it?

Powerful blending machines are generally noisy, and this one is not an exception. It doesn’t work discreetly, and it’s noise levels are at about 93 decibels, which is just slightly above the average of 88 decibels.

Using The Machine

The Magic Bullet 17-piece set comes with many accessories including a tall (18oz) and short (12oz) jar, 4 party mugs (16oz), and a 10-second recipe book. It comes with 1 flat and 1 cross blade, the cross blade to blend smoothies, and the flat blade to grind and crush things.

Easy To Use

It has a very simple design which makes it very easy to set up and use. To start using all you have to do is place it on your kitchen counter and plug in the power cord.

Step by Step Guide

1. First you get a jar or mug of your choice, the large one is 18oz and the small one is 12oz. If you’re partying or serving drinks, then you may want to use the 16oz party mugs, they come with different colored lip rings so people will know which drink is theirs. Then you fill it with your ingredients for whatever you’re making.

Note: The newer jars have markings on them to indicate maximum capacity for liquids. Filling the jar past the maximum line will result in leaking and spilling, this could cause damage to the motor base below.

2. The next step is choosing a blade. Unless you have a recipe that says otherwise, generally you should use the flat blade for grinding and whipping, and the cross blade for blending and chopping. Pick one and screw it on the jar/mug.

3. Next turn the jar/mug and put it on the power base, make sure it clicks into place.

4. There is only one speed and there are no buttons to press. Simply press down on the jar/mug and it will start blending, it will continue blending until you let go. Or you can place it on “Lock On” mode, just press down and turn clockwise, this makes blending a hands-free operation. Just turn it counterclockwise to unlock it.

Easy to Clean

Besides the power base, all the parts are dishwasher safe, this makes cleaning up super easy. The blades twists off the jars separately and they can both be washed easily.

It is important to only wash them on the top rack on the regular setting, as the bottom could get hot enough to damage the jars. If the power base needs cleaning, just use a damp cloth to wipe off any debris.


  • It can blend, chop, mix, whip, and grind virtually anything in 10 seconds or less.
  • It is small and takes up very little space.
  • Since the blender doubles as a drinking cup, the only other thing to wash is the lid with the blade. This saves you a lot of time.
  • Budget-friendly price tag
  • It is made with BPA free plastic jars.
  • Comes with 17 accessories including a 10 second recipe book.


  • It is not very powerful, crushing denser ingredients like ice would require more effort, and green smoothies would be lumpy. The NutriBullet makes better green smoothies.
  • Sometimes when you’re blending you need to give it a shake, but since it’s so small it’s pretty easy to do.
  • Slightly noisier than the average blender.

What’s In The Box?

The Magic Bullet 17-piece set includes…

  • 1 Power Base
  • 1 large 18oz Jar
  • 1 Small 12oz Jar
  • 4 16oz Party Mugs
  • 4 Colored Lip Rings
  • 1 Flat Blade
  • 1 Cross Blade
  • 2 Vented Shaker Tops
  • 2 Lids For Keeping Fresh
  • 10 Second Recipe Book

The Magic Bullet 17-Piece Set


This machine includes a 1 year warranty, this is not very long at all. But if you buy it on Amazon, you can purchase an additional 4 years of coverage in case of mechanical or electrical failures.


If you’re buying on Amazon, you may find bundles with 17-pieces or 26-pieces of accessories, the latter which includes an ice shaver blade. These accessories can also be bought separately on their own.

Great Deal For The Money

The price for this machine is very reasonable for everything you’re getting. It is great for people who wants to start making smoothies and other healthy drinks, but not ready to commit to a mega-expensive blender.

It does come with a 1-year warranty and a lot of people uses it and never had to replace it until the motor stops working. But keep in mind that the lifespan isn’t supposed to be that long, you do get what you pay for.

If you’re just blending protein shakes and soft foods, The Magic Bullet will do just fine. But if you wanna blend greens, nuts, seeds, and other denser ingredients, The Magic Bullet cannot offer the smooth and consistence texture that the more powerful NutriBullet can.

Ultimately, for everything you’re getting with The Magic Bullet 17-piece set bundle, I’d say it’s a great deal for the price.


Final Thoughts

This machine can take over simple time-consuming and boring tasks for you such as chopping onions and mincing garlic, this makes cooking easier and simpler.

Bottom line is it can do a of things, but the disadvantage remains at it’s low 200 watt power base. But while it may not be the most powerful blender on the market, it does make up for it with it’s budget-friendly price.

The conclusion is that different people have different needs, and while this machine may not be suitable for some people, I can see how it may fit others quite well.

If the 250 watt power base is a turn off for you, perhaps you’ll be more interested in The NutriBullet (600 watts), The NutriBullet Pro (900 watts), or The NutriBullet RX (1,700 watts)

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2 thoughts on “The Magic Bullet Blender Reviews and Ratings

  1. Paul says:

    Excellent review Kent, on this great little trooper.

    I have owned a “Magic Bullet” for years now. I do not use it on a daily basis, however, I do use mine a lot. I use it to grind coffee beans, mince onions, and chop garlic.

    Like you mention in your review, there are very few “small tasks” that it cannot do. I even make Chocolate Mousse with it.

    The recipe book that is included provides many tasty recipes for the creative chef to explore. Another fine feature of this product is the 4 differently colored mugs that are included. Making drinks that can be easily identified at small gatherings is another bonus.

    What do you use it for mostly?

    Do you find that it is more useful for mixing drinks or for mincing food?


    • Kent says:

      Hey Paul, I’m mostly a smoothie kind of guy. I do a lot of a mono-meals, so banana smoothies is very common for me. I like the pulse function because it creates less oxidation which keeps the color of the smoothie from going brown too soon. I’m not much of a cook so I don’t use blenders for mincing food, but I can see how that can be useful for those who do cook a lot. You mentioned you like using it to mince onions and chop garlic, perhaps you cook often?

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