The A&W Beyond Meat Burger NOT Vegan!? (My Angry Rant)

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I didn’t even know that A&W had a plant-based burger until about a week ago when I was walking around the mall and saw one of their promotional posters. It was the Beyond Meat Plant-Based Burger which sold for $6.99 each.

Although expensive, I was super excited because I hadn’t had any fast food burgers in years and was so pumped up to try it. I planned on spending like $30 to order a few, one wasn’t gonna be enough, no I was gonna have a feast! 

Then something dawned on me… it had mayo which wasn’t vegan, it was cooked on the same grill as regular beef patties so it was soaked in beef juice, this freaking “plant-based burger” wasn’t vegan!

In the end my feast plans were ruined by this realization, hence it led me to this angry rant…

What Is Beyond Meat Burger?

Beyond Meat is a California-based company that was founded in 2009 by Ethan brown, they sell a variety of meat substitute products like burger patties, sausages, meat crumbles, all plant-based and 100% vegan.

Beyond Meat’s “burger” patties are made from ingredients like yellow peas, rice, potatoes, apples, mung bean protein, coconut oil, and other things. A single patty have 20 grams of protein, contains less fat than real beef burgers, none of the cholesterol, and has more omega-3s than salmon.

However, a Beyond Meat burger pattie has 5x the amount of sodium as unseasoned beef patties, so just because it’s vegan doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you. 

But taste wise this is a burger that’s supposed to imitate the real deal. Some people even says that it “bleeds” like real meat, of course that “blood” is only beet juices. This isn’t your ordinary frozen aisle bean burger, this is supposed to be a revolutionary product that tastes almost exactly like real meat.

It was taste tested by the New York Mets and even those professional athletes who tried it had to double check that it wasn’t real meat! 

Check out the video below for a taste test demonstration:

A&W Adds Beyond Meat Burgers To Their Menu

The Beyond Meat burger was included on the A&W menu in Canada starting around July 2018, then in March of 2019 they added the Beyond Meat Sausage & Egger to their breakfast menu as well.

Unfortunately both aren’t even vegan. The Beyond Meat patties themselves are 100% vegan, but they had to ruin it by putting non-vegan ingredients on them like mayo, eggs, and cheese. 

Yes you could ask them to hold the mayo, eggs, and cheese and technically it would then be vegan. But still there is another problem, the Beyond Meat patties are cooked on the same grill as their other regular beef burgers so inevitably bits of meat and beef juice would get mixed into the burger.

Okay maybe I’m being too hard on A&W here, I think they do deserve some praise for taking a step in the right direction. Now more people will try these plant-based burgers, and hopefully inspired to try other vegan foods. 

Why Are Vegans Upset?

A&W got a lot of backlash from many vegans on social media platforms like Twitter who felt that it was stupid that they came out with a plant-based burger that vegans couldn’t eat.

It was suitable for vegetarians and flexitarians, but for strict vegans it just wasn’t good enough.

So basically vegans were upset because these plant-based burgers aren’t vegan, and non-vegans were upset that vegans were being picky and had to nit pick at everything and complain.

Personally I choose not to eat this Beyond Meat Burger at A&W because I’m an “all or nothing” kind of guy.

To me it’s just pointless to go get a plant-based burger that’s soaked in beef juice.

Imagine if you’re Muslim and you don’t eat any pork and I gave you a bowl of chicken noodles that was stir-fried in pork fat, it’s the same exact thing. So I don’t think that vegans are being unreasonable here.

As a vegan I think that while it’s great that more and more non-vegan burger chains are adding plant-based options to their menu, but you cannot rely on these restaurants to provide you with a 100% vegan meal. Just go to a vegan restaurant or cook it yourself at home.

I suggest that you go out and buy the Beyond Meat burger and just make one yourself, this way you’re 100% sure to get it vegan.

Where To Buy Beyond Meat?

Beyond Meat products can be found in your local stores like Wholefoods, Safeway, and other supermarkets. You may even find it being sold alongside real meat which is kind of weird, seems like it would confuse a lot of people!

If you’re interested in buying Beyond Meat you could find a location here that sells it in your area.

If you can’t find it in your local stores you could also buy it online.

Click the images below to check it out on

The problem with buying it off Amazon however is that you can only buy several packs of them at once, there’s no option to buy a single pack of 2 patties for example, you’ll have to buy 4 packs at a time which is quite expensive.

But if you were to live in a small town or an area where your stores don’t carry the Beyond Meat products, then Amazon is definitely a viable option to try it out.

I would love to hear your comments on this matter. What do you think about A&W’s new Beyond Meat burgers? If you’re a vegan will you eat it or is it not vegan enough for you? If you’ve tried it what did you think? Leave me a comment down below.

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