The 7 Day Vegan Diet Plan (31 Meatless Meal Ideas)

If you’re interested in doing the 7 day vegan challenge, I’m here to offer you some ideas on what you can include in your meals. I hope this will be helpful for those of you who are new to veganism, especially to those who may not even know what foods are vegan.

What Are Vegan Foods?

I know that some people tend to think of vegan foods as this weird and exotic thing, I’ve heard so many times people say “I’ve never eaten anything vegan before in my life,” and words cannot describe how ridiculous that is, because clearly they have no idea what vegan foods even mean. I find it hard to believe they’ve never eaten fruit before, or bread, or potato chips, they’re all vegan! 

Anyways, vegan foods are just foods that contain no animal products. That doesn’t mean it has to be a boring plate of vegetables every meal, in fact here in this 7 day vegan diet plan, I will show you some cool meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks that will make you want to extend the vegan challenge beyond 7 days. Here we go:

Vegan Breakfast Ideas

  1. Any kind of fruit, cut up a big plate and eat till you’re full. Don’t be afraid of sugars, fruit is great for weight loss.
  2. Fruit smoothies with almond milk
  3. Oatmeal with fruit
  4. Cereal with almond or rice milk. A lot of brand name cereals are vegan (corn flakes, nesquik cocoa puffs, alphabits, rice krispies cereal, capt n’ crunch, mini wheaties.. and more)
  5. Tofu scrambled eggs, vegan sausages, toast and jam, hash brown potatoes.
  6. McDonald’s breakfast items (bagels without butter, oatmeal, hashbrowns)
  7. Vegetable flavored ramen noodles
  8. Vegan pancakes. Read about vegan egg substitutes HERE

Vegan Lunch Ideas

  1. Sandwich with whole grain bread, vegan bologna, lettuce, and vegan cheese slices
  2. Vegan poutine with french fries, vegan mushroom gravy, and vegan shredded cheese
  3. Mixed vegetable soup with toasted french bread
  4. Chow mein (stir-fried noodles) with sliced up vegetables
  5. Clif bars
  6. Burritos with refried beans, wild rice, tomatoes, peppers, scallions, lettuce, avocado
  7. Vegan banana cake
  8. Peanut and jelly sandwich

Vegan Dinner Ideas

  1. Whole grain corn or rice pasta with tomato sauce and sprinkled vegan cheese shreds on top, served with toasted bread and mixed vegetable soup
  2. Vegan beef and broccoli served on rice
  3. Vegan mac & cheese
  4. Black bean burgers with french fries and salad (read more about Gardein’s black bean burgers HERE)
  5. A pot of curry potatoes, lentils, and onions on top of white or wild rice
  6. Baked sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy, side of stir fried mixed vegetables, whole corn
  7. Vegan sushi (cucumbers, pickles, avocado, tofu skin, sweet potatoes) with yam tempura

Vegan Snack Ideas

  1. Fruit roll ups, fruit bars, fruit snacks
  2. Vegan protein bars
  3. Potato chips
  4. Pretzels
  5. Popcorn without butter
  6. Original Ritz crackers or peanut butter Ritz sandwich crackers
  7. Oreo cookies
  8. Pumpkin seeds, trail mixes, almonds, pistachios, all kinds of roasted nuts

These are just a couple of quick ideas off the top of my head, this is all stuff I usually eat myself and I feel quite satisfied without the inclusion of any animal products in there. I hope I have given you enough information to get your started and inspired, and just know that whatever kinds of foods you usually eat as a meat eater, I can guarantee that you can create a vegan version of it.

Good luck with your 7 day vegan challenge, if you got any questions leave them down below. Share this page with your friends on social media if you found it helpful!

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