Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydrator Review 2021 (Good Buy?)

What is the Excalibur 3926TB? It has been described by some as the “holy grail of dehydrators,” the Excalibur brand has been in business since the early 1970’s and over the years have build a solid reputation for it’s high quality dehydrators that are manufactured in California USA. The Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydrator has very Read More

Nutri Ninja VS NutriBullet (Two Mid-Price Pro Blenders Compared)

Despite similar sounding names, the Nutri Ninja Pro hail from the Shark Ninja LLC brand, which creates other home/kitchen appliances such as food processors and vacuums, while the NutriBullet Pro hail from the Bullet brand (aka Homeland Housewares, which solely creates personal-sized blenders. Both these brands have multiple blender models with different motor strengths, features, Read More

The Baby Bullet Blender Review (Why Every Mom NEEDS To Buy This)

What Is The Baby Bullet? It is a small blender with blades that whips up baby food. This product was released in around 2011, it is another creation by the Magic Bullet company, the same company that created personal-sized blenders such as the Magic Bullet, NutriBullet, and Dessert Bullet. The Baby Bullet has good reviews Read More

Lets Compare All Nutribullet Models (Original vs Pro vs RX)

It can blend up smoothies within seconds, it can also chop things like onions and garlic, as well as mix things like pancake and muffin batter. What is it? It’s the NutriBullet, a personal-sized blender designed for preparing single-serving healthy drinks. Designed by the same “Bullet” brand that came up with The Magic Bullet blender, Read More