How To Go Vegan and Stay Vegan – 4 Useful Tips

I’ve been a vegan for almost 6 years and it’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. But there have been many moments throughout my journey that I’ve gotten close to quitting. I felt it wasn’t making any difference not only in my own life, but in the lives of the animals. I Read More

How To Stay Active In The Winter Months – My Top 3 Tips

There’s a saying that says “summer bodies are made in the winter,” catchy and true. But for a lot of people, they may find it difficult to stay active in the colder months, and this makes creating a “summer body” during wintertime very hard to do.  Unless you have a home gym, it’s oftentimes a Read More

How To Make Tofu Scrambled Eggs

Eggs was my favorite breakfast food before I went vegan, I could easily eat a big plate of 4 to 5 scrambled eggs with toasted bread. After I started doing vegan, I couldn’t eat real eggs but the craving of it still existed strongly. I discovered I can make tofu into scrambled eggs by crumbling Read More