Can You Lose Weight Eating Carbs? I’ll Prove You Can!

It seems like everyone nowadays is in the low carb camp. These people think carbs make you fat, fruit is bad, bacon is good, butter is “good fat,” among other types of anti-carb drivel. In my research carbs is good for weight loss. This is because the body does not turn carbs into fat very Read More

Should You Drink Water While Eating Food? Myths Debunked!

There’s a lot of people out there saying how drinking water during meals is bad for you. It is said to be the cause of indigestion, heartburn and acid reflux for millions of Americans, who hasn’t seen those tums or other antacid commercials? So should you drink water while eating food? Is that really the Read More

What Are The Benefits of Eating Organic Foods?

Organic food is basically food that is produced without the use of certain pesticides, fertilizers, and is not genetically modified. We can certainly see that there is a boom in the organic food industry in recent years. Just a decade ago you would only find organic in health food stores, but nowadays you walk into Read More