Hunter Gets Jaw Smashed By Kangaroo He Was Trying To Kill

So there was a recent 7 News story in Australia titled a “Roo Attack.” A 19 year old hunter by the name of Joshua Hayden from Western Australia got his face busted up from a kangaroo he was trying to murder. Apparently he was trying to shoot it while leaning out his car window, when Read More

Top 10 Strong Wild Animals That Are Herbivores

Herbivores are animals that only eat plants like fruits, leaves, twigs, grass, and other things like that. They don’t eat meat because their teeth are broad and flat, and their stomachs are not designed to digest it. Herbivores vs Carnivores/Omnivores Anatomically speaking herbivores are completely different from carnivores and omnivores. As mentioned, the teeth of Read More

Why Do People Eat Animals Then Claim They’re “Animal Lovers”?

You know what I’m talking about… you see a facebook post showing animal abuse, everyone comments on it and the vast majority of people feel anger towards the animal abuser. People who hurt animals should be punished, and most people would agree, albeit while eating a steak themselves! So then why do people eat animals? Read More