Raw Vegan Health Benefits (3 Positives & 3 Negatives)

I’m going to run over 3 of the pros and also 3 of the cons of following a raw vegan diet. Even though I think a fruit-based raw vegan diet is the healthiest way you can possibly eat as a human, there are still cons of doing it.

It’s just how it is in this universe. You can find the good side and you can always find the bad side, it’s just a matter of how you train yourself to perceive the world.

The health benefits of a raw vegan diet cannot be argued, so what bad things can I say about it? Well, let’s start with the 3 pros first.

3 Pros Of a Raw Vegan Diet

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1. Healthiest Diet

It is the healthiest diet for the human body. Raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds contains everything you need (aside from vitamin B12. All your vitamins, minerals, fats, omega, amino acids, protein… all covered. If you think I’m wrong then leave a comment down below and tell me specifically what nutrient can’t you get enough of on a raw vegan diet as long as you eat enough calories?

2. Physical & Emotionally Satisfying

Eating raw vegan is incredibly satisfying. When I used to eat meat and dairy, I’d often feel a lack of satiety even after a large meal and I’m really full, like as if something is still missing… dessert perhaps? But after a large mono-meal of oranges, bananas, or any kind of fruit, I feel the opposite. I feel appreciative, and very satisfied both physically and emotionally. I’m definitely not looking for more sweets.

3. Diet of Compassion

It is the most giving and selfless diet. You are not harming sentient beings, you are nourishing the environment around you by eating this way. The seeds you throw back onto the ground will keep the soil strong and help grow more trees, and these trees will provide shade and shelter for the animals. This kind of living where you’re in sync with nature is the best thing you can do for the planet.

3 Cons Of a Raw Vegan Diet

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1. Very Expensive

Eating nothing but raw fruits and vegetables is expensive. A bag of 6 apples will cost me about $4 here in Canada. This may not sound like much if you just eat one a day as a snack. But as raw vegans, we have to make fruit the large majority of our diet, we have to eat a lot! 6 apples is only about 300 calories, that’s like half a breakfast honestly.

We’re talking about 2500-3000 calories from mostly sweet juicy fruits every single day. The only thing affordable are usually bananas and dates, 30 bananas will supply me with a full day’s worth of calories and only cost me $7.

So if you’re going to do raw vegan, make bananas and dates your staple, and then sprinkle in some variety.

2. Getting Variety Is Hard

Even if you’re willing to pay the hefty price to eat this way, a good variety of fruit can be hard to find.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of varieties of fruits in the world, yet in North America we usually see the same citrus fruits, berries, apples, bananas..etc It can get boring after a while. But if you live near a farmer’s market or some kind of organic market, you’ll usually find a larger selection of fruits.

It can be exciting going fruit shopping and trying exotic looking fruits you’ve never had before.

3. Quality Fruits Is Hard To Find

Finding good quality fruits is another issue. A lot of the fruits you see in big supermarkets are often picked unripe and are not nearly as sweet as they can be, this includes frozen fruit. I used to eat frozen mangoes from this brand “Europe’s Best,” the fruit was consistently terrible and unripe, the mangoes were hard and crunchy and they weren’t even sweet.

If you wanna know if your frozen fruit is of good quality or not, just thaw it first and then eat it. If it tastes excellent and sweet thawed, then you know it’s of the highest quality.

Won’t Fruit Cause Diabetes??

And some people are gonna think eating this much fruit will make you fat, or give you diabetes. Why would you think that? In my research this is just a big myth. Show me one person who got diabetes from eating too many oranges, you won’t find them.

But you will find people who got diabetes from eating things like ice cream, and chocolate candy bars, and milkshakes. These things you may think of as sugary foods, but they’re really high fat foods.

When the fat goes into your blood, the sugar cannot leave the blood stream quickly, this causes your blood sugar levels to rise. If you’re eating a fruit-based diet without any added fats, the sugar will not be a problem. 

Like This Post?

So these are a few of the pros and cons that I have noticed in my journey. There are probably way more pros then there are cons, but I just tried to be fair and match each pro with a con. Eating this way benefits your health like no other diet can.

You’re eating the foods that are designed to be put into the human body for nourishment, and you’ll feel it. It’s amazing how much healing you can receive from just not stuffing your body with toxicity.

All the cons of a raw vegan diet always has something to do with trouble accessing the fruits. Whether that be too expensive, or that the quality or variety is not close by. But ultimately the cons are nothing more than excuses, if you want it bad enough, you can always find a way to make it work.

If you disagree or have something you’d like to share please post a comment down below. If you found the information on this post useful, share it with your friends on social media.

2 thoughts on “Raw Vegan Health Benefits (3 Positives & 3 Negatives)

  1. Oscar Peters says:

    Your article is very interesting. First time I heard the term raw vegan. No idea if I could stick to it. How about weight loss? I assume it is very fast, if you have extra pounds? I am documenting my weight loss journey at http://www.myfamleez.com and I am always learning new things about losing weight and this just caught my attention. I cannot imagine not coking or baking anything for the rest of my life. But the article sure has some valid points. Thanks for sharing.

    • Kent says:

      Raw vegan is probably the fastest way you can lose weight. Do you know ShayCarl from YouTube? He used to be really obese but now he’s normal weight. A few years ago he did raw vegan for just a few weeks and the results were dramatic. You dont have to stay on it for the rest of your life, but it can definitely be the jump start you need if you’re having trouble losing weight. Just do it for even just a week, you’ll definitely notice yourself feeling lighter and more energetic.

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