Quick Vegan Breakfast Ideas (For School Or Work)

If you have a busy schedule and want quick on-the-go meals that are vegan, there are plenty of quick and healthy options that also taste good. Here are a few quick vegan breakfast ideas:


Fruits have very high water content, so make sure you’re eating ENOUGH of it, or you’ll be hungry very shortly. Here are some common fruits I bring to work:

fruit bowl apples bananas grapes

Bananas: Take a few bananas with you. They are incredibly easy to eat, you just peel and eat, no mess and no cleaning up. Talk about “fast food”! Bananas are probably the cheapest fruits you can buy, and they are very healthy and contain many vital nutrients such as potassium, fiber and B vitamins!

Read more on how to ripen up bananas faster

Dates: Like bananas dates are very cheap and calorie dense. It’s also very nutritious as it contains potassium, fiber, magnesium, and vitamin B6. Dates can help with weight loss because it’s very low in fat, they’re also a great natural sweetener for your smoothies.

Oranges: I like to peel a couple of them the night before and put them in a plastic container, that way I can just grab and eat. In the summer I put them in the fridge so that its cold and refreshing.

Cup Fruit: I like the convenience of fruits that come in a cup. They are a great way to increase your fruit intake if you don’t like washing and peeling stuff.

Make Fruit Smoothies! Blend up some dates and bananas to make datorade.

Energy/Protein Bars:

granola energy bars

There are a variety of different vegan granola bars that’s available in supermarkets and drugstores. My favorite ones are Clif Bars, Lara Bars, and VEGA bars. They can replace a meal because they contain a bunch of different vitamins and minerals, also they are extremely convenient to bring along anywhere. Keep a few Clif Bars in your work desk for a snack or a meal replacement.

Bagels & Sandwiches: 

toasted sandwich cut in half

Many bread products out there are completely vegan. Just look at the list of ingredients and check them. Usually they will say at the bottom if it contains any dairy or eggs, for allergy reasons. Some breads can contain ingredients like L Cysteine which you may not know is an ingredient derived from duck feathers and is not vegan.

So what do you make a vegan sandwich with you ask? No, not just kale and jam. I love making grilled cheese sandwiches with Daiya cheese, I also put the cheese on Gardein black bean burgers which I can honestly say is the best vegan burger product I have had so far.


a bunch of muffins

The overwhelming majority of the muffins you will find in the supermarket contains eggs, butter, and/or other animal products. I would suggest you make your own vegan muffins maybe the day or night before. Some Quaker muffin mixes are vegan such as the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip and the Double Chocolate Chip. Or you can find plenty of vegan muffin recipes on the internet and create your own.

Hash Browns:

crispy hash browns

I love hash browns for breakfast, potatoes are good for any meal of the day. After I found out the hash browns at Mcdonalds were vegan, I regularly got them on a weekly basis. Most hash browns in the frozen section at grocery store are also vegan. Just check the list of ingredients if you’re not sure, as some of them can contain egg or milk ingredients.


fluffy pancakes with rasperries

You can totally make pancakes without adding any eggs or milk. Simple replace the eggs with apple sauce, and the milk with one of the many varieties of vegan milk (almond milk, rice milk, oat milk) They taste just as good as the non vegan kind!

Vegan Ramen:

a bowl of ramen noodles with chopsticks

Most ramen noodles you buy from the store contain some sort of animal products in their seasoning packets, and are loaded with a variety of unhealthy preservatives and/or artificial flavorings like MSG. If you’re looking for instant cup noodles, there’s a healthier vegan version of it. Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods is a great vegan brand to get cup ramen noodles, soups, or any kind of quick to-go meals in a cup, and they’re generally much healthier for you.


fruity cheerios with milk

Who doesn’t love cereal with milk for breakfast? Actually a lot of cereals are already vegan. Just replace milk with vegan almond or rice milk. Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies, Captain Crunch, Fruity Pebbles, Reese Puffs and Corn Puffs are all among the list of popular brand name cereals that are vegan friendly.

Final Thoughts

I hope the ideas I have listed here have helped. Being a vegan doesn’t have to mean restriction, you can always find a vegan version of whatever foods you’re into. Who knows, the vean version might even taste better. If you have any other vegan breakfast ideas, please leave a comment down below.

6 thoughts on “Quick Vegan Breakfast Ideas (For School Or Work)

  1. Hollie Rose says:

    I’m not actually vegan but I love vegan food. I often find myself cooking vegan simply because I prefer it. I always feel much healthier and less heavy after a vegan meal. These are all great breakfast ideas. My mornings are usually rather rushed but I tend to have more time by lunch. I often make banana pancakes- they go down so well!

    • Kent says:

      Yeah I find vegan foods tend to make me feel better after I eat it, not only because knowing I have not contributed to animal cruelty, but also I find vegan foods agree more with my body and I can definitely feel this physically.

  2. Shailie says:

    Great informations!
    Im a student, very rushed in the morning, it causes i always skip the breakfast. But as you say, breakfast is very important, and the breakfasts you offer are really simple and healthy, even don’t need to cook! Banana, Granola Bars and cereal are good ideas, which i can grab in any super market!

    Anyway, thanks again!


  3. Diego says:

    Hi Kent, very informative article. I personally have always loved fruit or sometimes a fruit smoothie for breakfast. I just find if I eat a banana and mandarin or peaches when in season I don’t feel bloated or heavy and I don’t feel hungry until early afternoon. Thanks for your post, cheers.

  4. Robert Allan says:

    First off I did enjoy reading your article.
    I do have one question though.
    You never once mentioned if those breakfast dishes contained Gluten.
    For people with a condition (disease) such as Rheumatoid Arthritis gluten is a definite no no.
    Lately I have changed my diet and especially for breakfast to more or less fruit and nuts but would like to try some of the dishes you have mentioned.
    Hence my question about Gluten.
    I look forward to your answer.
    Robert Allan

    • Kent says:

      Hi Robert,

      thanks for your comment. I’m glad that you are eating more healthy for breakfast, fruits will give you the clean burning carbs to start off the day right. you are right that some people have issues with gluten in their diet, I will definitely remember this. I am learning from your comment and your feedback really helps me write better content. I shall put some gluten free options or substitutions for the above list, an update is coming soon. thanks for your question.


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