Nutri Ninja Pro Review (450 vs 451 vs 455) Which Blender Is Best?

What Is The Nutri Ninja Pro?

It is a small personal-sized blender that can blend and liquefy your fruits and vegetables into delicious and healthy smoothies. Released in 2014, it has very similar features to it’s competitor, The NutriBullet Pro 900.

In this review, I will go over The Nutri Ninja Pro and it’s finest features, as well as some of it’s pros and cons. The Nutri Ninja is very easy and convenient to use, I love the small personal size of it, it’s made to blend smoothies for 1 or 2 people. It’s not big and hard to clean like some of the bigger blenders out there, and it comes with “sip and seal” lids so you can bring the smoothie with you to-go for work or the gym.

The Nutri Ninja Pro has very good feedback from users, it’s praised for it’s ability to crush denser ingredients like ice and frozen fruit really well. It’s ease of use has also encouraged a lot of people to increase their intake of fruits and vegetables, some users have reported weight loss due to healthier eating habits.

Differences between model 450 vs 451 vs 455

The Nutri Ninja Pro has 3 models, and they are all very similar. The functionalities of the 450 and 451 are both exactly the same,  the 451 costs a bit more because it comes with an extra 12oz jar.

The 455 also comes with an extra 12oz jar, it’s motor base torque is a tiny bit more powerful at 1,000 watts versus 450/451’s 900 watts, and it comes with a 75 recipe cookbook.

Power and Performance

The Nutri Ninja Pro has 900 watts of torque power base that runs at 21,000 RPMs, and it is mighty enough to churn your fruits and vegetables along with any stems and seeds into a smooth and healthy drink with an evenly consistent texture, you can even successfully crush ice and liquefy frozen fruit.

It uses a One Touch Pulse Technology, it works on a 1 speed setting and there are no buttons to turn or push. It is able to blend up your frozen fruit into a smoothie usually within seconds.

How noisy is it?

Although it’s not a quiet machine, it is comparable to other similar blenders such as the NutriBullet Pro 900. It will likely wake up your mates if you’re blending smoothies really early in the morning.

Easy To Clean

One of the biggest reasons I prefer small little blenders like the Nutri Ninja Pro is because of how easy it is to use and then clean. First of all, you don’t need to pour your smoothies into another cup like you have to with large commercial-grade blenders, because you can drink it right out of the jar you blended with! That’s one less clean up right there…

After using it you can clean the jars and blade by rinsing it with warm water, or you can clean them in the dishwasher, the motor base can be wiped clean with a moist towel.

Using The Blender

Using the Nutri Ninja Pro - Step by Step

1. Load your ingredients into one of the jars (24oz or 18oz.) There is a line at the top of the jar to indicate the maximum capacity, make sure your ingredients do not go past this line, or else this may result in spillage.

2. Twist on the extractor blade and pop the jar into the power base, make sure it clicks into place properly.

Useful Tip: Fill up the jar half way then blend it a little bit first before putting in the rest, you’ll be able to put in more ingredients per batch this way.

3. The Nutri Ninja blenders work on “Pulse Technology,” meaning that it blends when you push down on the jar, it will stop blending when you let go. Unfortunately it does not have the twist & lock hands-free blending feature you will find with it’s competitor The NutriBullet Pro 900.


  • Most fruits, veggies, seeds, and stems can be blended within seconds
  • With a 900 watt torque power base, it is powerful enough to churn your smoothies that has an even and smooth consistency.
  • Recommended for crushing ice and blending frozen fruit
  • Easy to clean – everything including the blade is dishwasher safe
  • Convenient to bring smoothies to the work office, gym, picnic…etc because its jars are small and comes with “sip n go” lids
  • It is made with non-toxic material and plastic free of BPA
  • The removable parts are safe to wash in the dishwasher


  • Some users report food being stuck under the blade gasket unless you clean it after every use.
  • No hands free blending, you have to hold the jar down while blending. The NutriBullet Pro 900 has the twist & lock hands-free blending feature.

The Nutri Ninja Pro (8-piece set)


There is a 1 year warranty with this product, but if you’re buying it from Amazon, they have an option on the side bar where you can opt in for 4 extra years of coverage for a few extra dollars. It is highly recommended that you opt in for this extension, there are some users who complained about the short life span of this machine.


If you’re looking to purchase extra accessories such as more jars, lids, or blades, these can be bought separately on Amazon as well.

Value For The Price – Is It Worth Buying?

Overall The Nutri Ninja Pro is a solid personal blender. It has many positive features such as the 900 watt torque motor base, convenient sized cups, and the “Sip N Go” lids. If you’re buying it for yourself to make single-serve smoothies and protein shakes, this blender will probably be worth your money.

There are some users who complained about the blade gasket had to be cleaned often, but doing so is easy enough. The lifespan of the machine isn’t super long, it has a 1 year warranty which is pretty short, but it can be extended 4 additional years for a few more dollars if buying it on Amazon, without this option I wouldn’t think it’s worth buying. Another con is that there are no hands-free blending options like you’d find with the NutriBullet Pro 900, you’ll have to hold the jar down the whole time while blending. Some people may not mind this, because smoothies usually get blended within seconds anyway.


Check Pricing on Amazon


The Final Verdict

So this is a great little blender, it’s 900 torque motor base is great, but there are more powerful blenders out there such as The NutriBullet RX which has 2.3 horsepower and a 1,700 torque motor base. But you get what you pay for, and the Nutri Ninja will do just fine for smoothies and protein shakes. It’s small jars and sip and go lids makes it super convenient to use and clean, just leave it on the kitchen counter and you might find yourself using it frequently throughout the day, and your health will thank you for it.

My Final Thoughts

One of the great benefits of blending your own smoothies is that you know exactly what goes into it, there are no surprises. When you are ordering smoothies from some restaurant, you are gambling with the quality. Some restaurants will provide smoothies that have a lot of added sugar, they do this to save money because fruit cost more money, so you get a lot of the fake stuff and only a little of real fruit. So when you blend your own smoothies, you get all of the good stuff and none of the bad.

When you make your own, you can also include whatever you want, such as leafy greens to make it a green smoothie. Some vegetables like kale aren’t very tasty, but they are very good for you, so why not put them in a fruit smoothie? The sweetness of the fruits will mask the unpleasant taste of the kale, you won’t even know it’s in there!

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