Ninja Professional NJ600 Blender Review – Worth Buying?

professional quality blender 1100 watts

Are you someone looking for a good quality blender, but put off by the high cost of many of them?

If so, chances are you’ll like the Ninja Professional NJ600 Blender which in this review I’m going to go over. 

The best 2 words to describe this blender is powerful and practical, this is a blending machine that can easily pulverize your ingredients into a silky liquid, and even turn hard ingredients like ice cubes into a smooth consistency within seconds.

The NJ600 only comes with the 72oz blending pitcher, but the BL660 also comes with 2 single serve drinking cups (16oz each) with lids that makes it easy to take it on the go. The BL600 also comes with 1100 watts, slightly more powerful than the NJ600’s 1000 watt. But more accessories means higher price, and if the single blending pitcher is enough for you, then the no frills NJ600 could be just what you’re looking for.

In this review I’m going to go over it’s main features, specifications, the good, the bad, and whether it’s worth buying or not.

The Ninja Professional NJ600 Blender


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Features & Specifications


The NJ600 is a pretty powerful mid-end blender. It has a 1000 watt motor base, very sharp blades, and it can turn your fruits into silky smooth smoothie drinks, puree soups to the consistency of your liking, and it even has an ice crushing function that turns ice cubes into powdery snow in seconds.


It only comes with 5 buttons (on/off, 1,2,3,pulse) and some people may want more options. But personally I don’t find this an issue because I don’t need my blender to be fancy, I just need 1 button…to blend, and yeah I use the pulse sometimes as well, especially in my banana smoothies to slow down the oxidation. So I believe the 3 button settings plus pulse is more than enough for the average person.

Unique Features

What’s unique about this blender is it’s 6-blade technology, a column in the center with 3 levels of blades. This is great because it prevents ingredients from being stuck on top, and ensures that everything gets blended evenly top to bottom. Don’t you just hate it when blending a smoothie or whatever, and have to take a spoon to shove it down so it’ll reach the blades? You won’t have this issue with the NJ600.

Blending Pitcher

As previously mentioned, the NJ600 comes with a large 72oz blending pitcher, some people may be glad to know that it is made from BPA free plastic, and also it is dishwasher safe.

So what comes in the box?

The Ninja Profession NJ600 Blender comes with the following:

  • 1000 watt motor base
  • 72oz BPA free blending pitcher
  • Lid for the blending pitcher
  • Total crushing 3 level blades
  • Instruction booklet and inspiration guide

If you’re someone looking for a high quality without the high quality price tag, the Ninja Professional NJ600 blender is definitely something worth considering.


  • Powerful 1000 watts motor base
  • Motor base has a sturdy bottom that prevents movement while blending
  • User panel is simple and easy to use
  • 3 speeds with a pulse function
  • 72oz blending pitcher with lid that are both BPA free and dishwasher safe
  • Powerful 6-blade system ensures even blending top to bottom
  • Comes with several recipes and guides


  • Unlike the BL600 model, the NJ600 does not come with single-serve drinking cups
  • Frequent heavy use of the crushing features may wear out the blades
  • Some users have reported that the material quality is a bit cheap and wears out easily

Final Verdict: Is It Worth Buying?

Although it has a few minor pitfalls, this blender has more good things to said about it than bad, so I’d definitely recommend it to people. If you want a blender that’s fast and powerful enough to turn ice into snow, pulverize other tough ingredients, and give you silky smooth blended drinks, this machine will give you those results.

What I love most about this machine is their innovative 6-blade technology, it is a column in the middle with 3 levels of blades, 2 blades per level. This is something that I think most people would find really useful, especially if you frequently blend thicker smoothies where you may not get even blending due to some of the top ingredients not reaching the blades.

The BPA free blending pitcher is just a plus for those people who are into holistic health, and the dishwasher free aspect of it is just something everyone with a dishwasher can appreciate.

The bottom line is, if you’re looking for a powerful blender that you can count on to deliver good results, the Ninja Professional NJ600 Blender is worthy of considering.



My Rating:

  • Value For Price
  • Features & Specifications
  • Speed
  • Capacity
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2 thoughts on “Ninja Professional NJ600 Blender Review – Worth Buying?

  1. Rob S. says:

    My biggest concern with blenders has always been the price. These things can get really expensive!

    It’s important for a machine to be dependable and reliable and be able to perform what you need it to do at the right price too. Based on this review I would say that the Ninja Professional NJ600 Blender is one for the picking! Nice review!

    • Kent says:

      Yeah the price of a blender can vary wildly, even though they all do pretty much the same exact job and that’s to blend things with a blade. As far as the pricing goes for the Ninja Professional NJ600, I’d say it’s on the lower end and it’s very affordable for students, single parents, or anyone on a budget. Thanks for your comment, Rob.

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