Ninja Intelli Sense Review – CT682SP Total Kitchen System?

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The Ninja Intelli Sense CT682SP is the total kitchen system because it comes with 4 attachments – full sized blender, person sized blender, a food processor bowl, and a vegetable spiralizer machine. It’s the total package that truly does it all.

With this total kitchen system you can not only make smoothies, but you can chop vegetables, make salsa, dips, soups, baby food, frozen fruit ice cream, and even mix dough.

The 1,200 watt motor base comes with an easy-to-read digital touchscreen interface, plus 12 preset programs which gives you the option to create recipes hands-free. 

The Ninja Intelli Sense Review

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Features / Specifications / Design

Quick Overview of Features

  • Comes with a 1,200 watt motor base
  • Smart base that comes with 4 attachments – 72oz total crushing pitcher, 24oz personal sized smoothie cup, 8-cup food processor bowl, and a vegetable spiralizer
  • Has a digital touch screen display
  • 12 smart preset programs that makes prepping food easy
  • All the attachments are BPA free and safe to clean in the dishwasher
  • Bottom of the base has suction cups to keep the machine sturdy while using
  • Comes with a 35-recipe guide
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty

What Does “Intelli Sense” Mean?

So basically there are 4 attachments/containers for the base, these containers come with the “Intelli Sense” feature which means when you put them on the base it will intelligently recognize which container it is and show you the proper preset or “Smart Program” for that specific container.

So yes, each container has their own presets and the base will automatically adjust it’s presets accordingly what you put on it.

24oz Blending/Drinking Cup

It comes with a personal sized 24oz cup which is the container used to blend up single-serving smoothies, the container double duties as the drinking cup as well, saving you half the clean up!

If you like personal-sized smoothie blenders then also check out The Nutribullet which is a very similar type of product.

72oz Blending Pitcher

The 72oz total crushing blending pitcher is a family sized container used to blend up multiple serving smoothies, frozen fruit ice cream, soups, and many other recipes. 

8-Cup Food Processor Bowl

The difference between a food processor and a blender is that you use the blender mainly for liquid recipes like smoothies and protein shakes, while a food processor is used to chop up more dry and dense foods like vegetables, garlic, make salsa, dips, and you can even use the dough attachment to mix dough for making bread or pizza.

Vegetable Spiralizer

If you’ve ever wanted to eat pasta but are on a low carb diet, you’re going to love the veggie spiralizer. It turns vegetables such as zucchini and carrot into noodle-like spirals which can be used to replace noodles in any pasta recipe.

You can do this with pretty much any dense fruit or vegetable, you just have to cut them up into 4” by 3” symmetrical shapes so that it can fit into the machine. Just insert them into the spiralizer and it’ll turn the produce into fun little spirals within seconds.

If you’re looking for a vegetable spiralizer that works manually then check out these top 5 vegetable spiralizers.

Are They Dishwasher Safe?

Yes, all the attachment containers are safe to clean in the dishwasher, just put them on the top rack.

Since there are multiple containers with their own sets of blades you’ll have to be careful when cleaning this machine as you don’t want to accidentally slice your hand or finger.

See The Ninja Intelli Sense In Action:

Current Pricing

This total kitchen system comes at a very reasonable price that’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg. Think about what you’re getting –  a full sized blender, a personal sized blender, a food processor, and a very unique spiralizer that turns veggies into fun noodles. You can click to Check Current Price on Amazon.

It does come with a 1 year warranty which I consider too short for a total kitchen system with so many different machines altogether, but you can get extended warranties on Amazon for up to 4 years.

Ninja Intelli Sense – Pros

  • 1,200 watt motor base which is very powerful
  • Very modern digital touchscreen interface
  • Comes with 4 different attachment containers for maximum versatility
  • It’s a full sized blender, a single serve blender, a food processor, and a vegetable spiralizer
  • Intelli Sense automatically gives you the proper preset for the container you’re using
  • Comes with a 35-recipe book to help give you some ideas of what you can make

Ninja Intelli Sense – Cons

  • Warranty is only 1 year which is pretty short for such a big group of appliances
  • Noisy enough to wake your cat up which might startle him

Is The Ninja Intelli Sense Worth Buying?

The Ninja Intelli Sense CT682SP is a total package that can replace several of your kitchen appliances. It offers maximum versatility that can do jobs only limited to your imagination. You can make smoothies, ice cream, crush ice, make nut butters, baby food, mix dough, make dips, the things you can do with it is endless.

It comes with 1 motor base and 4 different attachment containers, the Intelli Sense feature means the base will automatically recognize which container you put on it and give you the correct preset for that container.

It seems many users are happy with this machine and there are very few complaints.



If the Ninja Intelli Sense CT682SP comes with too many things you don’t think you’ll need, or maybe it’s too expensive, I recommend you check out the Nutri Ninja Pro BL450 or The Nutribullet instead which is basically just a compact blender set and nothing else.

That’s all for this Ninja Intelli Sense review, as usual I’d love to hear your review on it as well if you have this machine. Please leave all your comments and questions down below.

My Final Rating:

  • Features
  • Overall Design
  • Value For Price
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8 thoughts on “Ninja Intelli Sense Review – CT682SP Total Kitchen System?

  1. Renton says:

    I like that this machine can hop up vegetables in addition to making smoothies. The recipe guide is also a nice touch that will save you hours of Googling around.

    I like the fact that the blending cup can also be used as a bottle, that is very convenient. The fact that it recognizes the four attachments and bring up the correct programme is brilliant. The spiralizer is great for replacing heavy carbs with lighter vegetables like you mentioned with zucchini.

    This product is truly a great buy!

    • Kent says:

      Hey Renton, yeah this set serves a lot of purposes and it’s a great buy for anyone who’s looking for a big kitchen set and don’t want to buy them all individually. Thanks for reading!

  2. Cath Anon says:

    I absolutely love the idea of making veggie ‘pasta’!  Seems worth it just for the Vegetable Spiralizer alone!

    I’m not much in the kitchen so any equipment that makes kitchen tasks less onerous is a great plus to me.  I’m glad you included alternative products if the Ninja Intelli Sense is too much system for a non-domestique like me to handle.  

    But then again, if I’m going to spend money on a Vegetable Spiralizer and a blender … I might as well go all out on the full kitchen model, no?

    Think I’ve just argued myself into purchasing one …

    • Kent says:

      Yeah I make veggie pasta all the time and it’s great if you want to lose weight because even if you eat an enormous bowl of it it’s still only like what… 200 calories? Lol.

  3. Heidi Yates says:

    Love the concept of a single size serving. This is always our biggest problem because I love fruit smoothies and he loves milk based ones lol. Usually one ends up having to compromise and we making a big batch of whatever, but this way we can both have what we want.

    The spiralizer sounds great too. At the moment we do it by hand, which as you can imagine is tedious and time consuming. Having only recently found out how good zucchini spaghetti is we are converted.

    Would this be able to replace our food processor for all the veggie job eg. making coleslaw, chopping onions etc.. ? 

    • Kent says:

      Yes it could replace your food processor, but this one is on the small side but if you’re only using it for small jobs then it should be fine.

  4. Babsie Wagner says:

    Wow, the Ninja Intelli Sense does it all.  I am a health freak, and I love gadgets, so I was excited to find this article.  I like the fact that it can be used for large and small batches of whatever you’re making, and I like that it comes with a recipe book, too.  I followed through to the Amazon page, and the price is pretty awesome, considering all the things this product can do.  So glad I found it!

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