Ninja Chef 1500 Review – Is It Worth Buying Or Total Crap?

full sized countertop blender smoothie machine

Ninja is one of the biggest names in the blenders industry, they used to be known for their compact blenders but nowadays they make full sized blenders too like the Ninja Chef 1500.

This bad boy comes with 1500 watt of blending power that can perform all kinds of jobs.

The Ninja Chef 1500’s power and versatility can be compared to the Vitamix, they also have similar blades too.

It comes with 10 preset controls which is pretty much the full package. Not only can you make smoothies, you can also make nut butters, soup, dressing, ice cream, sauces, dips, mixing dough, and pretty much anything you can think of.

It comes with a tamper, it’s basically a stick that you can use to stir ingredients around so it blends more evenly.

The start/stop knob is also a rotary dial that can be used to select the 10 preset controls, or it can also be used to control the blending speed if you were blending manually.

Ninja Chef 1500 Review

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Features / Specifications / Design

Quick Overview of Features

  • Comes of 1500 watts of blending power
  • Has 10 preset controls which allows maximum versatility
  • Turn the center knob for speed control when blending, or to select different auto-iQ settings
  • 72oz BPA-free blending jar with vented lid for making hot recipes like soups
  • Comes with a tamper stick to mix ingredients to ensure even blending
  • Comes with other modes like manual, timer, pulse, and auto-iQ.
  • Bright LED display interface which gives it a modern look and makes it easy to ready
  • There are little suction cups/feet at the bottom of the blender to ensure it doesn’t move around while blending

How Powerful Is It?

At 1500 watts the motor is powerful enough to do pretty much any tough job you can throw at it. You can liquefy your fruits and vegetables to make a delicious silky smooth smoothie, blend nuts to make nut butter, turn frozen fruit into ice cream, crush ice, grind coffee, and a bunch of things only limited by your imagination.

Powerful Blades

The Ninja 1500 comes with powerful blades with a 4-prong design that will suck food down to the blade while blending to ensure everything is blended evenly and consistently.

Different Speed Settings

There is a knob at the center of the machine which serves multiple purposes, it is used to control the 10 auto-iQ presets as well as the different speed settings if you choose to blend manually.

To operate the speed settings just press the “manual” button at the bottom of the LED interface. 

Having a speed setting is useful because sometimes different recipes require different blending speeds. For example if you’re making salsa dips you don’t want to liquefy your ingredients like you would with a smoothie drink, you just want to chop it into chunks, this would require lower speed settings.

Large 72oz Blending Jar

With a 72oz blending jar you’ll be able to make multiple smoothie servings in one go. If you’re super health conscious you may also be happy to know that the jar is made of 100% BPA-free plastic.

This jar also comes with a lid with ventilation, so it’s designed to handle blending hot liquids like soups as well.

When you’re done using it you can clean it on the top rack of your dishwasher.

The Blender Cleans Itself!

Cleaning up this blender is easy as pie because it actually has a features where it cleans itself.

All you gotta do is fill the 72oz blending jar with water about 1/4 of the way, put a few drops of dish detergent into it, and then push the “clean” button on the machine and it will do it’s thing.

When it’s done cleaning itself it’s still a good idea to check it to make sure it’s clean and there’s no leftover soap or food debris.

Blender Tamper

The Ninja Chef 1500 comes with a tamper stick. This stick can be used to stir the ingredients around while blending to ensure all ingredients hit the blades.

This is useful for recipes where you’re dealing with big dense chunks of ingredients such as making frozen fruit ice cream, peanut butter, other nut butters, pate, etc.

This stick is to be used while the blender is running, just take off the lid plug and insert the tamper into it and stir the ingredients around.

Overall Design & Look

The Ninja Chef 1500 has a really sleek and modern contemporary design with a brightly lit LED interface and a knob that serves to control the auto-iQ and speed settings.

The auto-iQ comes with 10 different presets for making common blender recipes like smoothies, soup, nut butters, mixing dough, purees, dips, salsa, ice cream, dressing, frozen drinks, and extracts.

Below the LED interface you’ll find 6 buttons – On/off, clean, iQ (to activate the 10 presets), manual (to control speed settings), timer, and pulse.

With all these different presets and functions this blender can replace the jobs of many of your other kitchen appliances. So put away that food processor or ice cream maker, the Ninja Chef 1500 has maximum versatility and can be the star of your counter.

See The Ninja Chef 1500 In Action:

Current Pricing

The pricing of the Ninja Chef 1500 is around mid-range, they are not too pricey for a full-sized blender. The value is pretty good when you consider all the features and functions it comes with. It has a 1-year warranty. You can check current price on Amazon.

Ninja Chef 1500 – The Good

  • 1500 watts of motor power that can power through the toughest of ingredients
  • 10 auto-iQ presets that creates maximum versatility to do any job
  • Variable speed settings
  • New 4-prong blades that’s more powerful than other Ninja blenders
  • Has a self cleaning mode
  • Looks very modern and stylish
  • Affordable pricing

Ninja Chef 1500 – The Bad

  • Only 1 year warranty, but you can purchase extended warranty
  • Some people complain about the quality of the parts such as the motor and tamper stick
  • Creates a lot of noise

Is The Ninja Chef 1500 Worth Buying?

The Ninja Chef 1500 is a great mid-price range full-sized blender that comes with a lot of bells and whistles. You get the powerful 1500 watt motor, the 10 auto-iQ presets, the speed control, new blades, all offering maximum versatility which makes it a great machine to do any job.

Although there are some complaints about the motor breaking down too soon, or the quality of the tamper stick, the large majority of users seem to enjoy the Ninja Chef 1500. If you’re looking for an affordable family-sized blender to take on many jobs then this is definitely worth considering.


If you’re on the go a lot you may also be interested in blenders that offer a to-go cup such as the NutriBullet Pro 900 and the Oster Pro 1200. These blenders give you little cups that can be inserted to the blender and be taken with you with the to-go lid.

Thanks for reading my Ninja Chef 1500 review, if you’ve got any comments or questions about this blender I’d love to read them below.

My Final Rating:

  • Features
  • Design
  • Value For Price
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