My Review of Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender – Too Cheap?

professional grade blender for small families

For many years Vitamix blenders are known for there pricey but powerful blenders that typically came with 64oz pitchers, they’re good for people who have the money and also wanted the size and power.

There were a lot of people who either couldn’t afford these blenders or didn’t need the extra size. Out comes the Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender, a blender in the Explorian series that is more affordable and comes with a smaller 48oz pitcher.

Much cheaper than a full sized Vitamix blender, but you still get the same functionality, consistency, and versatility. If you’re on a smaller budget and would like to get a good quality blender that’s not too big, the Vitamix E310 Explorian is a good blender to explore.

Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender Review

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Features / Specifications / Design

Brief Summary of Features

  • Powerful 2.0 Horse Power motor base that can produce lump-free smoothies, make nut butters, crush ice, and more
  • 48oz blending pitcher
  • 4-prong hardened stainless steel blades that is built to last
  • 10 variable speed settings
  • Pulse function
  • Comes with a small tamper
  • Self cleaning function
  • Has a built-in cooling fan to prevent the motor from getting overheated

Built For Small Homes & Families

In the old days if you wanted to buy a Vitamix blender you had limited choices. You either had to go with one with a really big 64oz family sized pitcher that serves 3-4 people, or you could get a small personal sized smoothie cup.

There was nothing in between, but now with the Explorian series there is, you get a 48oz container which can serve about 2 people. Perfect for small families, couples, or even for individuals who find the personal sized cups too small. 

While the Vitamix Explorian blender isn’t as big as a full sized one, it still carries a 2.0 Horse Power motor that makes it almost just as powerful.

You can easily fit this on most kitchen countertops, it is only 11 x 8 x 17 inches and weights just under 12 pounds.

Interface / Buttons / Dials

The Explorian E310 blender has a very simple user-friendly interface. You’ll see a dial knob in the middle from 1-10 which controls the different variable speed settings, on the left you’ll find the pulse button, and on the right you’ll find the on/off button.

The variable speed settings and pulse function makes it easy to precisely control how fine you want to blend your ingredients. Use the low settings if you want it chunkier, and higher settings to make it velvety smooth.

What Recipes Can You Make?

This blender offers maximum versatility and there are endless ways to use it. Here are just a few ideas of many possible ones:

  • Lump free smoothie drinks
  • Grind coffee beans and nuts
  • Make nut butter
  • Make salsa, hummus, dips, sauces
  • Crush ice
  • Make tasty hot soups (the friction of the blades actually heat up soup!)
  • Turn frozen fruit into ice cream
  • Chop vegetables
  • Make baby food
  • Mix cake batter
  • Knead dough for pizza and bread

Watch The Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender Make Nut Butter:

Self Cleaning

Cleaning up is a breeze because this blender cleans itself. Well, sort of.

First you’d have to fill the blender halfway up with water, then add in several drops of dish detergent, pop on the lid and using the highest variable speed setting and blend for about 30 seconds. Then just give it a quick rinse under tap water and make sure there are no more debris or soap bubbles left.

If you’ve been using the blender to make really sticky and dense recipes like nut butters, cake batter, dough, or if you’ve left it sitting out for too long and everything has all dried up, then you may need to wash it by hand instead.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Vitamix E310 Explorian blender is priced in the mid-high range, not exactly for people on a small budget but it’s much less expensive than traditional full sized Vitamix blenders. They come with a 5 year warranty but it can be extended if you buy on Amazon. You can click to check current price on Amazon.

The Positives

  • 2.0 Horse Power motor base comes with built-in cooling to help the machine last for many years to come
  • 10 variable speed settings & pulse function
  • 48oz blending pitcher which is ideal for smaller households
  • Maximum versatility and can create smoothies, nut butters, frozen treats, chop veggies, make hummus, sauces, dips, heat up soup, and more
  • Self cleaning convenience
  • Comes with a small tamper and cookbook

The Negatives

  • Not a budget friendly option
  • Some users say the blender feels too cheap for the price
  • Other users complain about the noise levels being too high

Is The Vitamix E310 Worth Buying?

If you’re looking to buy a Vitamix blender that is not as big as the full sized ones but yet still provides the same level of functionality and versatility, the Vitamix E310 could be the way to go.

The 48oz blending pitcher is perfect for 2 people, so it’s ideal for couples and small households. It’s not going to take up too much space, and they’re very easy to clean with a self cleaning feature.

Despite a few complaints from some users out there who feel the blender feels too cheap for the price, it seems that the vast majority of users are happy with it.



If you’re interested in buying a similar Vitamix blender that also includes a personal sized smoothie cup, then check out the Vitamix S50 which comes with a 40oz pitcher and a 20oz personal smoothie cup.

That’s all for this review, if you already have this blender then tell me what you think about it below in the comments.

My Final Rating:

  • Features & Performance
  • Overall Design
  • Value For Price

4 thoughts on “My Review of Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender – Too Cheap?

  1. Tim says:

    My wife has got a Black+Decker it is real small, and loud very. She has been wanting  to get a vitamix for some time now. With a 64oz pitcher and self cleaning. But then I got to the price of it just a little pricey. But I truly understand you get what you pay for. This well make a great Christmas  present  for her.  Now as I was reading seen a few  thing that caught my eye. I am  little over weight and have try a lot of different thing. what are your recommendations. I am 5’10  215 pound belly. 

    Thanks Timothy Guth

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