My Review of Vitamix A3300 Ascent Blender – Too Pricey?

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Welcome to this review of the Vitamix A3300 Ascent blender and whether it’s worth buying or not.

On the first look this blender has a very modern touch to it with it’s digital touchscreen interface and contemporary design. It comes with a traditional family sized 64oz pitcher, and one thing that stands out is the programmable built-in timer, giving you better control of food processing times for recipes.

The 1500 watt motor base is powerful enough to liquefy almost any ingredients, crush ice, make nut butters, make baby food, frozen treats, smoothies, shakes, and a lot more.

It’s not exactly budget friendly but it’s a good long term investment. If you have the money to spend and are looking for a high quality blender that is built to last from an industry leader, then the Vitamix A3300 is definitely worth exploring.

Vitamix A3300 Blender Review

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Features / Specifications / Design

Quick Features Overview

  • 1500 watts and 2 peak Horse Power motor base
  • Digital touchscreen interface which is nice to look at and easy to clean
  • Programmable blending timer helps to create more consistent results
  • Variable speed control which gives greater control over how chunky or smooth the food gets blended
  • Can be used with any “Self Detect” Vitamix  blending containers
  • Built-in wireless connectivity that adjusts blending times based on the container you put on
  • Made with BPA free material
  • Comes with a tamper and cookbook
  • Includes 10 year warranty

Modern Design

The Vitamix A3300 will be the star of your kitchen with it’s aesthetically pleasing modern look. It has a digital touchscreen interface with a dial knob in the middle, the pulse button the left, and the start/stop button on the right.

Overall the design is simple and minimalist, it is super user friendly and not complicated. Unfortunately it does not have any pre-programmed settings so that’s one thing you’d have to live without. 

Interface / Buttons / Rotary Knob

There are only 4 buttons in total plus a rotary knob. On the interface you’ll see a digital screen with a rotary knob in the middle which is used to control the variable speed settings, beside the knob is a + and – sign which are used to control the programmable timer settings.

To the left of the knob you’ll see the pulse button which can be used to control how chunky/fine to blend your ingredients, and on the right of the knob you’ll see the start/stop button.

64oz Blending Pitcher

You get a 64oz blending pitcher which is a family sized container that can serve up to 3-4 people.

It has a newer design which makes it more low profile, it measures just 11 x 8 x 17 inches and it can fit under most kitchen cabinets with no problem.

Different Speed Settings

You can control the variable speed settings with the rotary knob in the middle of the interface. Rotate the knob to either increase or decrease the speed of the blades, giving you full control of how chunky or smooth your ingredients get blended.

Programmable Timer

One of the things that really set the Vitamix A3300 apart from other similar blenders is that it has a built-in programmable timer. You get to decide exactly how long to blend your ingredients for, this comes very useful in custom recipes where you need precise control.

Pulse Function

The pulse button is on the left of the rotary knob, this is used to manually control your blending consistency.

Pulsing your food lets you control how chunky or smooth you blend your ingredients, it comes in really handy when you’re making things like salsa, dips, salads, chunky soups, grating onions, and other tasks that require minimal processing.

Pulsing also minimizes oxidation which is what causes fruits and vegetables to turn brown. Pulse your banana smoothies next time and your bananas will not turn brown as quickly.

Wireless Connectivity

The Vitamix A3300 is compatible with other Vitamix blender containers with the “Self Detect” feature.

So if you happen to have the 48oz container or the personal sized smoothie cup then you can just attach it to the A3300 base and it will automatically detect what container you’re using and adjust the settings accordingly.

So for example if you’re attaching the person sized smoothie cup  then it won’t blend as long as it would with a full sized 64oz container.

Endless Number of Uses

The number of recipes you can create with a blender is only limited by your imagination. Some people still think smoothies and protein shakes are the only ways to use a blender for, but there’s so much more.

The powerful 1500 watt 2.0 Horse Power motor, the variable speed control, programmable timer, and pulse function all act to provide maximum versatility.

You can make salsa, dips, grind coffee, grate cheese, chop vegetables, make baby food, turn frozen fruit into ice cream, make nut butters, crush ice, mix batter, and much more.

How To Clean The Machine

The easiest way to clean a Vitamix blender is to do so immediately after use before the residue has a chance to dry up.

Just fill the container halfway up with water and put in a few drops of dish detergent, then put on the lid and blast it on the highest speed setting for about 30 seconds.

Then just give it a quick rinse to ensure there’s no more soap bubbles or any other residue.

Watch The Vitamix A3300 In Action:

How Much Does It Cost?

The Vitamix A3300 Ascent is priced on the mid-high range and they’re not exactly for folks on a tight budget.

But the good thing is it’s high quality and built to last, backed up by a 10 year warranty with the option to extend it by an additional 3-4 years if you buy on Amazon. You can click to Check Current Price on Amazon.

The Positives

  • 1500 watt motor powerful enough to make a large variety of recipes
  • Variable speed settings
  • Programmable built-in timer for more precise blending
  • Pulse function for manual blending
  • Self cleaning
  • 17” tall and will fit under many kitchen cabinets
  • Comes with a tamper and cookbook
  • 10 year warranty

The Negatives

  • No pre-programmed settings
  • Not budget friendly
  • It’s a very noisy machine

Is The Vitamix A3300 Worth Buying?

If you’re looking for a family sized blender with a modern design that can do 1000s of different recipes, then the Vitamix A3300 could be the way to go.

One of it’s main selling points is the programmable built-in timer which let you blend with absolute precision for any custom recipes, it also has variable speed settings depending on how chunky or smooth you want your ingredients to be.

Despite not having any presets it still comes with all the power, consistency, and versatility you’d expect to get from a high end blender.



If the 64oz pitcher is too big for you then consider checking out the Vitamix E310 Explorian instead where you get a 48oz container that’s good to serve 2 people and is more suitable for smaller families and households.

Or you can also see the Vitamix S50 which is a set that includes a 40oz pitcher plus a 20oz smoothie cup with a lid you can snap on and bring with you on the go, it is awesome if you want to bring your smoothies to work, the gym, etc. 

What kind of blender do you have and how does it stack up against the Vitamix A3300? Let me know in the comments down below.

My Final Rating:

  • Features & Performance
  • Overall Design
  • Value For Price

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