Hunter Gets Jaw Smashed By Kangaroo He Was Trying To Kill

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So there was a recent 7 News story in Australia titled a “Roo Attack.”

A 19 year old hunter by the name of Joshua Hayden from Western Australia got his face busted up from a kangaroo he was trying to murder. Apparently he was trying to shoot it while leaning out his car window, when suddenly the kangaroo lunged at at his face with tremendous force and then bounced off the car window… it’s almost as if it didn’t want to be killed! 

As a result the hunter suffered a smashed jaw and cheekbone that will require surgery, which is exactly what he deserves. Karma is pretty sweet…

Why in the world do people still think it is okay to hunt? Why not just let these peaceful creatures exist in nature and leave them alone?

Unfortunately these beautiful animals are also rapidly losing their natural habitats due to deforestation as a result of urban development. What do you think happens to them when their homes are cleared away and there’s no place left for them to go? They either get slaughtered or they run into humans which creates a bunch of problems, mainly for the kangaroos. 

Did You Know…?

Kangaroos are indigenous to Australia and have lived there for millions of years, the wilderness of Australia is their land. They are also considered by many to be Australia’s national symbol, much like the bald eagle is to the USA. But the surprising thing is that kangaroos are considered by the country to be pests! 

They are very peaceful animals that poses no threat to humans under normal circumstances. They do not attack humans unless they feel threatened by some jackass hunter who’s trying to kill it. Millions of them are killed each year and it’s time to put a stop to this.

It’s time for the good people of society to take a stand and speak up for these voiceless creatures against cruelty and slaughter. To find out more about how you can help the kangaroo, CLICK HERE.

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