Is a Vegan Diet Healthy For Children Who Are Growing?

A very common thing I hear non-vegans ask is whether a vegan diet is safe or not for children, pregnant women, or sick people. This question comes from absolute ignorance and I’ll explain why.

If you are doing it correctly, a vegan diet can be the healthiest way to eat. It is not some fad diet or something extreme that people go out of their way to do to prove something. It is natural for a human to only consume plant-based foods like fruit, potatoes, corn, rice, beans, and all that.

So is a vegan diet healthy for children who are growing? My opinion is absolutely yes.

If it’s the healthiest way to eat for everyone else, then why wouldn’t it be suitable for children? People tend to make out the vegan diet as something that is below par from the standard American diet, and that it’s something that needs to be followed with caution, but in fact the opposite is true.

The Hypocrisy of Non-Vegans

You know what’s so funny about his whole thing? It’s the fact that those people who ask this question are the same people okay with feeding their kids crap from fast foods.

Nobody will bash your parenting or call you a child abuser if you feed your growing kids KFC for breakfast and a full fat milkshake for dessert. But how dare you feed them only the healthiest foods on the planet which are fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes?

They’ll call this “child abuse,” talk about backwards thinking.

people think burgers and fries are better than fruits and vegetables

People always think that a vegan diet is extreme and restrictive. They think a vegan diet doesn’t provide enough nutrients and protein for growing kids. It’s that negative stereotype of vegans being weak and skinny, eating carrot sticks and apple juice and growing weaker and more frail by the day, that’s not reality though!

Vegan Is The Healthiest Diet For Humans

Like I’ve said, if done correctly a vegan diet is the best diet for the human body to grow and thrive. And it’s not that hard, by “doing it correctly” I mean including a large variety of foods in your meals, and if you do that then you can certainly find everything a growing body needs in a vegan diet alone… aside from the vitamin B12 which needs to be supplemented.

Why People Get Weak On a Vegan Diet

A lot of people who try going vegan and then quit claiming they felt sick and weak is usually because they haven’t done it properly. If you’re eating 600 calories a day from celery and carrot sticks because you’re afraid of carbs, then I can’t help you.

People who succeed and thrive in excellent health on the vegan diet eat a ton of food, I personally eat at least 2500-3000 calories a day and I don’t feel weak or lacking in energy at all.

Fruits, vegetables, rice, whole grain bread & pasta, potatoes, beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, tofu, sprouts, and more… they eat in abundance in quantity and in variety. You can’t blame the vegan diet for making you ill when you’re doing it in the stupidest way.

It really irritates me when people claim that sick people who are vegan need to eat meat again to “regain their strength,” which is absolute BS at the highest level.

If you don’t think vegans can get strong eating only plant foods, check out my post where I talked about 10 professional world champion athletes who eat only plant-based foods!

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