How To Go Vegan and Stay Vegan – 4 Useful Tips

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I’ve been a vegan for almost 6 years and it’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

But there have been many moments throughout my journey that I’ve gotten close to quitting. I felt it wasn’t making any difference not only in my own life, but in the lives of the animals. I wrote this post for people who had struggled going vegan or staying vegan, and hopefully it will help you to not quit and stay vegan.

How To Go Vegan and Stay Vegan

Tip #1 – Stay Inspired

Try to go back to the time when you first discovered veganism, you may have been much more enthusiastic about it in the beginning. Think about the time when you were curiously googling everything veganism. The documentaries you watched, the vegan food photos on Facebook that you liked, the YouTube videos you watched and vegan channels you subscribed to… Try to immerse yourself in stuff like this everyday, and chances are you’ll be more likely to stay interested in veganism.

Tip #2 – Try Out New Vegan Eateries

Maybe there are some vegan cafes and restaurants that you’ve meant to check out before but never gotten to it. Exploring new vegan eateries can help you remember how very exciting vegan foods can be. Try this tip out each time you feel tempted to go back to animal products. If there are no vegan eateries around you, try to find vegan products (like vegan pizza, burgers, cheese, ice cream etc)  in supermarkets if you can find them.

Tip #3 – Always Bring Vegan Foods With You

If you’re going to a food gathering with friends like a BBQ for example, just make something vegan like a bean salad, vegan cookies, or whatever, and then bring it with you. This will help curb the temptation to give in to the social pressure and to fall off the vegan wagon.

Tip #4 – Just Be Proud of Yourself

By being a vegan you should be proud of yourself for helping the animals and the planet. Just keep going and take pride in that. Buy yourself a vegan t-shirt, hoodie, or hat, and wear them in public. Let everybody know that you don’t approve of animal exploitation and you are a part of the solution.

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