Do Vegans Eat Eggs? Are Eggs Cruel?

Many people think eggs are great, I did too when I was eating them. They’re high in protein and are a great for breakfast or any other meal…but they’re not cruelty free. Eggs may seem harmless, often times I hear people say “but no animals were killed..”

So Do Vegans Eat Eggs?

Something that really frustrates the hell out of me as a vegan who went vegan for the animals, is when people who say they don’t eat meat (vegetarians) for the sake of mercy to animals, but then they turn around and eat other types of animal foods that contributes to animal suffering just the same. Eggs are one of these foods. 

So How are Eggs Cruel?

The hens who lay the eggs aren’t killed, so a lot of people think that then no harm is done…as if killing is the only way cruelty can exist. Maybe you think hens happily flock around all day peacefully in farm with wide open spaces all day producing eggs for humans. But actually this is very far from true, you’d only think that from all the media that depicts a happy life for farm animals.

The following is actually the reality that the egg industry does not want you to see:

There are many people who wants to reduce suffering to animals but just don’t understand how to not contribute to it.

An Example of Ignorance with Good Intentions

There is a bodybuilding channel on YouTube run by The Hodge Twins, they’re these two big muscular guys who usually eat lots of egg whites and meat to get their protein. Last year they went “vegan” because they saw how animals were treated in farms and didn’t want to contribute to it. They bought Egg McMuffins at Mcdonalds. They ate the eggs and threw out the bacon.

There’s a couple of things wrong here lol… First of all, they already paid for the bacon, so they already contributed financially to the farms who slaughtered the pigs. Secondly, they don’t understand how eggs are cruel to chickens.

The Brutal Lives of Farm Chickens

Basically the hens are kept in really small and tight cages their hole lives to produce eggs around the clock, or until their bodies are so worn out from this process that they just die or get sent to be slaughtered. Baby male chicks are sent to the grinder to be ground up alive because they cannot produce eggs. So you see, just because they aren’t killed (right away) doesn’t mean they have it any better, in fact I’d say it’s worse to have an inevitable painful death dragged out like this. 

The Whole Protein BS

A lot of people still think vegans are weak because for some unfathomable reason they still think we can’t get enough protein. They think people who eat animal products like eggs and steak must be so much stronger and healthier, right?

The truth is you don’t get strong from eating more protein, you lift heavy things to get strong. Also the RDA of protein is only about 54g per day for sedentary people, more for people who do sports, but even then it’s super easy to get enough protein no matter what physical activity you partake and how much protein you think you need.

There are vegan bodybuilders, vegan power lifters, vegan Olympic gold medalists, vegan fighters, vegan everything! I mean, if getting protein as a vegan is so hard we would have vegans suffering from protein deficiency left and right, but it doesn’t happen! It’s a complete myth. Vegans getting protein deficiency is not a thing because getting protein from vegan sources is both viable and easy! Here are some ideas for you to easily meet your RDA of protein:

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