Do Cats Love Their Owners? 10 Ways Cats Show Affection

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Even though cats can’t speak the human language, they are constantly trying to communicate with us.

Just like human babies who can’t talk, cats will do certain things to get our attention whenever they need things from their owners such as food, affection, love, etc

Do cats love their owners? Many people think that cats are “divas,” and unlike dogs, they just do their own thing and don’t require any attention, but that’s not true at all! They very much require your love and affection and will reciprocate this love. Even though you can’t read your cat’s mind, there are certain things that cats do to tell their owners they love them. 

In this post I’ll talk about 10 ways that cats show affection. You may be surprised by some of the things on this list. Perhaps your cats have been doing a few of these things for years and you had no idea why, well let’s get into it:

1. They Knead Your Legs

Kneading is when the cat pushes their paws into your leg, thigh, or wherever. Let’s say you’re reading a book on your bed and you’re simultaneously petting your cat who’s curled up beside you. You may find that your cat will start pushing it’s paw on your leg, this is them “petting” you back! It may be painful if your cat has sharp claws, so it’s advised to wear some long pants in this situation.

2. Leaving You “Gifts”

pet cat bringing you mouse

Have you ever woken up one morning to find that your cat has left you a strange “gifts” on your bed such as a cat toy, fur balls, or even a dead mouse that they caught and killed? It may be disturbing to find a dead mouse next to you, but it’s their way of showing you love.

Imagine if you’re living in the wilderness with your cat and your cat finds food, it will naturally wants to share this food with those they love to ensure their survival. So even though it may seem weird and creepy (depending upon what they leave you,) it is a sure sign of affection.

3. Rubbing Their Head Against You

When your cat is repeatedly rubbing or bumping it’s head or face into you, it’s them trying to mark their scent on you as a way to show that you’re part of their family.

4. The Stare & Slow Blink

cat staring and slow blinking

If your cat stares at you and then slowly blink, it’s them displaying trust and affection.

Because cats show vulnerability when they slowly blink and closes their eyes for a long duration of time, showing you that they trust you and know you are not going to harm them when they are in this vulnerable state.

This is a very big sign of affection, and it’s the equivalent of being kissed by a cat.

You can actually return the affection by staring back at your cat and giving them a slow blink of your own. But don’t stare into your cat’s eyes but then not blink, as this is a sign of aggression!

5. Rolling Over Their Belly

cat rolling over showing their stomach

Just like the slow blink, this is them showing vulnerability as a sign of trust and affection. They wouldn’t show their belly to just anyone they find threatening as their bellies are the most vulnerable parts of their body.

A lot of people would go in for a belly rub when cats do this, but don’t! Cats rolling over on their bellies are not a call for belly rubs. Unlike dogs, cats do not like having their belly rubbed and might scratch you if you do it.

6. Curving Their Tail

curving their tail

If you see your cat’s tail going straight up with a little curve at the top, this is a sign they are happy to be around you. This is them saying to you that they are in a good mood and is a sign of affection.

7. Love Bites

cat showing love by nibbling your hand

Has your cat ever nibbled on your finger when you’re petting it’s face? This is not a sign of aggression, instead they are displaying love and affection for you.

While these “love bites” may be a bit painful, it is your cat showing love towards you. Cats bite other cats all the time as a display of affection, but humans are more thin skinned than cats and so your cats doesn’t understand that these bites can be painful for humans.

8. Rubbing Against Your Legs

Ever just stood there while your cat repeatedly rubbing against your leg while they walk past you?

Just like the head rubbing behavior, they’re trying to rub their scent on you and mark you as a member of their family.

9. Purring

cat purring sleeping

A cat purring is a way for cats to let you know they’re happy and are enjoying your company. If you’re caressing your cat that’s on your lap and they’re making these soft purring sounds, they are letting you know that they are pleased.

10. Following You Around

If a cat is following you around, they want one of two things: food or love.

You may find them walking on your desk while you’re working, this is them trying to get your attention and affection. While it may get really annoying if you’re working on your computer and they are walking over your keyboard, this is them showing you that they enjoy your company and want more of it. 

Final Words

These cat behaviors are very common. If you have a cat and you’re not an asshole to them, chances are you have experience at least a few of these things

How many of these signs of affection have you experienced from your cat? Let me know in the comments down below! And if you found this post interesting, please like and share on social media.

2 thoughts on “Do Cats Love Their Owners? 10 Ways Cats Show Affection

  1. Joseph Towsley says:

    Our kitty, Maverix, does 6 of these things. Unlike most cats, Maverix does like belly rubs. If we don’t rub his belly when he rolls over then he gets mad.
    He doesn’t leave us dead things. He likes to catch mice in the basement and bring them on our bed with us. Thankfully he leaves the snakes in the kitchen!

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