COSORI 1500W Smoothie Blender Review – Too Cheap?

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Nowadays when you want to get a high powered blender it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg anymore. There are many brands out there like COSORI that are offering good quality blenders that come at an affordable price.

The COSORI 1500w Smoothie Blender is a pretty good alternative to Vitamix which is one of the industry leaders of blenders.

This COSORI blender has a 1500 watt 2.0 HP motor that can not only blend smoothies, but also be used to create many different recipes like nut butters, baby food, sauces, dips, hummus, soups, crush ice, grind beans, and much more.

Also great is the fact they come with TWO sizes of blending containers, a large 70oz pitcher that can serve 3-4 people, and a 27oz personal cup with a to-go lid which lets you bring it with you to work, the gym, the pool, etc.

COSORI 1500w Smoothie Blender Review!

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Design / Features / Specifications

Quick Overview

  • 1500 watts and 2.0 Horse Power motor base, powerful enough to make smoothies, crush ice, grind beans, etc.
  • Comes with 2 blending container sizes – 70oz pitcher and 27oz personal smoothie cup with to-go lid
  • 6-Prong premium stainless steel blades
  • Variable speed settings and pulse button
  • Has a soup preset that lets you heat up soup without using the stove
  • Comes with a tamper to ensure even blending
  • Comes with a brush to make cleaning easier
  • Includes a 1 year warranty and 30 days guarantee

Interface / Buttons / Knob

This COSORI blender has a really simple to use interface, it’s got one knob and only 2 buttons.

The knob in the middle is used to control the variable speed settings, twist the knob to either increase or decrease the speed on the blades. This gives you control of how smooth or chunky you want your ingredients to be.

To the left of the knob you’ll see a button that controls the pulse and soup making function. To the right you’ll see the on/off button.

Blending Containers – 2 Sizes

I love that you get 2 different blending container sizes – the 70oz pitcher and the 27oz single serve cup.

The 70oz pitcher is a family sized container that can serve 3-4 people, while the 27oz cup comes with a to-go lid which makes it convenient to bring with you to school, work, hiking, etc.

These containers are made from BPA free plastic so you don’t have to worry about any health concerns about chemicals leaking into your food while blending.

Powerful Motor & Sharp Blades

This COSORI blender comes with a 1500 watt 2.0 Horse Power motor and premium 6-prong blades that pulverizes fruits, vegetables, and seeds to extract high amounts of nutrients.

The 6-prong design is better than the 4-prong because the extra 2 prongs at the bottom curves downward and it picks up food at the very bottom of the blender that the 4-prong wouldn’t be able to .

Variable Speed Settings

You can rotate the knob/dial in the middle of the interface to control exactly how fast or slow you want the blades to run.

For recipes that require little processing such as making salsa, dips, chopping onions, you’d obviously want chunkier textures and would use the lower speed settings. To make silky smooth lump free smoothies you’d want to use the higher speed settings.

Pulsing Function

The pulse button is a great idea when you want total manual control over your blending. You can “pulse” your ingredients 1-2 seconds at a time if you want.

Pulsing your smoothies is actually a great way to decrease the amount of air that gets into it, thereby keeping it fresh for longer. Next time you blend up a banana smoothie just pulse it 1-2 seconds at a time instead, the bananas will stay white longer!

It Heats Up Soup!

This may sound unbelievable to you, but you can actually heat up soup right in the blender itself without using the stove or any other heating source. The heat comes from the friction that the blades generate from it’s 30,000 rpm.

You can access the soup making function by switching the button to the left of the knob. 

The 70oz pitcher comes with a vented lid to let the steam out so the pressure has somewhere to escape.

What Recipes Can You Make?

This high performance COSORI blender is capable of making more than a cup of smoothie.

There are endless things you can do with a blender like this. For example you can use it to chop vegetables, crush ice, make salsa and dips, make nut butters, grind coffee and other beans, make hot soup, mix batter, make baby food, and tons more.

How To Clean The Blender

My favorite way to clean a high speed blender like this is to fill the container up half way with water, then squirt in a few drops of dish detergent, then snap on the lid and blend it on the highest speed setting for about 30 seconds.

Then pour out the soapy water and rinse it clean. This method only works if you wash it right after use, it’ll become difficult when the residue has dried up.

This COSORI blender comes with a cleaning brush too if you want to wash and scrub it by hand.

See The COSORI Smoothie Blender In Action:

How Much Does It Cost?

This COSORI blender is priced at a really affordable low-mid price range. It’s power and performance is comparable to that of Vitamix blenders which are typically very expensive, but with this COSORI blender it’s a lot cheaper. It comes a 1 year warranty with a 30 day money back guarantee. You can click to Check Current Price on Amazon.

The Positives

  • 1500 watt 2.0 Horse Power motor which is very powerful
  • The 70oz pitcher lets you serve 3-4 people
  • The personal smoothie cup with to-go lid lets you take healthy drinks with you on the go
  • Comes with a cool soup making function that heats up soup without turning on the stove
  • Comes with a tamper to push food down to the bottom for more even blending
  • Relatively affordable for a high performance blender
  • Easy to clean

The Negatives

  • Creates a lot of noise
  • Some users report the motor blowing out within a few months
  • Warranty is only 1 year which means it’s probably made of cheaper material

Verdict – Is It Worth Buying?

If you’re seeking an affordable high performance blender with some pretty cool features like the soup making function, the COSORI 1500w smoothie blender could be the way to go.

I still can’t wrap my head around how you can heat up soup to almost boiling point with a blender, all the heat comes from the friction the blades generate which is pretty amazing.

You get a 70oz pitcher and a 27oz smoothie cup, so it’s great for people who have a family to feed and also looking for something for on the go as well.

Despite a few negative reviews about cheap parts, most people seem pretty happy with this blender. I’d say for the low-mid price point it’s definitely worth exploring.



If you’re not interested in the personal sized smoothie cup and just want a full sized pitcher without anything else then check out the Vitamix A3300 Ascent instead where you get a 64oz pitcher.

On the contrary if you’re only interested in the smoothie cup and not the full sized blender then check out the Original Nutribullet which is a blender that comes with multiple single serve cups.

My Final Rating:

  • Features & Performance
  • Overall Design
  • Value For Price

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