Choosing The Best Vegetable Spiralizer (Ultimate Buying Guide)

The vegetable spiralizer is a kitchen tool that turns certain vegetables like zucchini into long strands of faux-noodles. These “noodles” if made from zucchini are known as “zoodles,” they’re popular in the carb-averse and gluten-free camp because spiralized vegetables are low in carb, low in calories, and gluten-free.

When you make vegetable noodles, you create an alternative to pasta that is tasty and rich in nutrients. The zucchini is very popular and often used with the spiralizer, but many other types of vegetables can be used as well to make things other than noodles. Potatoes can be used to make curly fries, and carrots, apples, and pears to make fancy salad garnishes for that special party you’re hosting.

With so many different popular brands and choices out there, I put together this guide that I hope will help you in choosing the best vegetable spiralizer to buy. Below we’re first going to check out some of the main criteria to look for when shopping for a  new vegetable spiralizer.

My Top 3 criteria to consider when choosing a spiralizer

1. Design and Usability

Which type of spiralizer is appropriate for you depends on your life situation.

The hand held spiralizers operate like a pencil sharpener. You put in one end of the vegetable to the blade and twist it to create spirals. They are great because they’re small, so it’s perfect for people without a big kitchen, like a college student making dinner for 1 in a dorm room for example. Even though it requires more physical effort to use, it shouldn’t be too hard if you’re just feeding 1 person.

With the table-top spiralizers, you put the vegetable in place and then turn a handle on the side which creates spirals as the vegetable turns into the blade. If you have more available space and are cooking to feed a big family, then the table-top horizontal or vertical hold spiralizers would be a better option. This is because they can spiralize more food with less effort, the downside is they are much bigger in size.

2. How easy to clean?

Nothing deters me more from making food than knowing that the clean up takes longer than it takes for me to eat the food . That’s why it’s recommended that you find a spiralizer that you know is easy to clean. If you have a dishwasher, cleaning up would be much less time consuming. Make sure you get a spiralizer that is dishwasher safe, check that the blades can be separated and put safely into the dishwasher. 

3. Number of Blades

Different blades give you different styles of noodles, from as thin as angel hair vegetable pasta noodles to thick ribbon cut carrots that you can put in your salad or garnish with it. Different spiralizers come with different number of blades, how many blades you want depends on how many shapes you want. Making zucchini noodles only require 1 or 2 blades at most, but more blades gives you more shapes, this makes it more fun for you.

The Top 5 Vegetable Spiralizers

1. Mueller Spiral-Ultra 4-Blade Spiralizer (the best imo)

This is a vertical hold spiralizer, the foods are spiralized vertically down instead of horizontally, this makes everything easier because gravity already does half the job for you. 

It also comes with 4 blades of different adjustable widths, giving this tool a lot of versatility – It can grate things, slice things, julienne things, juice things, and it can also be used as a mandolin. Using this spiralizer creates very little mess, because it comes with a container below the slicer that catches all the spiralized vegetables. 

Features You’ll Love

  • It spiralizes vertically downwards, this means the vegetables are unlikely to fall out of position. The Food holder with long spikes keep the vegetable in it’s place, the core of the vegetable is not taken out, and so everything gets spiralized and nothing gets wasted.
  • It’s made with very high quality BPA-free ABS plastic and 420-grade stainless steel blades.
  • Comes with 4 blades with widths that can be adjusted.
  • Can be used as a mandolin, grater, and slicer. This means you can save space by putting away some of your other kitchen tools.
  • Easy to use and nearly mess-free.
  • The container below the slicer can also be used to store all 4 of your blades, the juicer, the food holder, and the handle when they’re not in use.
  • Comes with suction cups on the bottom to keep the unit sturdy while spiralizing.
  • Easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe on the top rack. If you don’t have a dishwasher then just rinse it under water.
  • It comes with an e-book with recipes
  • It is backed by a lifetime warranty

The Bad

  • The container below the slicers can only fill up to 4 cups, this is on the small side. If you’re making food for a lot of people, you’ll need to stop and move the spiralized vegetables to a different container and then pop it back under the slicer to catch the next batch of spirals. 
  • Some users say the how-to instructions are poor and insufficient. This spiralizer comes with a lot of parts, so figuring everything out without clear instructions can be problematic. But you can watch the instruction video above and that should clear up any problems.

Bottom Line:

The vertical hold spiralizers are probably the best option. It is easy to use, creates less mess and less waste, and it comes with 4 blades which gives you lots of room to customize your food the way you like. It is also easy to clean even without a dishwasher. There are many happy and satisfied customers, users are praising it’s vertical hold style and saying that it is much easier to use than the horizontal ones. 


2. Paderno World Cuisine Spiralizer Pro with 4 Blades

This vegetable spiralizer had been around for well over a decade, and there are only good things to say about it. This 4 blade model is an upgraded version to the original tri-blade spiralizer and this brought upon a few improvements, such as a more narrow core skewer, this allows more flesh of the vegetable to be spiralized.

Features You’ll Love

  • It comes with 4 blades that lets you totally customize your dishes, those blades also tuck away nicely into the body of the frame.
  • The spikes that holds the vegetable in place has a better design, this makes everything more sturdy.
  • The core metal skewer that firmly holds the food in place is more narrow, this allows more fruits and vegetables to be spiralized, the unspiralized core can then easily be added into the dish afterwards.
  • There are 4 suction cups at the bottom on the feet, this holds the appliance steady while you spiralize.
  • It can be adjusted so it can be used by both right handed and left handed people.
  • Comes with a container to catch all your spiralized vegetables.
  • The unit can be disassembled and then placed in the dishwasher on the top of the rack for easy and breezy cleaning.
  • It is made with BPA-free material, this is a deal breaker for some people.

The Bad

  • This upgraded version has more parts than the original, this means more nooks and crannies to clean.
  • There are mixed user reports about the suction cups not working well on some surface areas.

Bottom Line:

This is a very high quality and easy to use machine. It lets you quickly do the job of making long colorful spirals out of your fruits and vegetables to add in to your salads or stir-fry dishes. When you’re finished, cleaning up cannot get any easier. There are many users who recommend this product.


3. OXO Good Grips 3-Blade Spiralizer

This is a very well-liked brand and people love that it’s so simple to use. When you love something you’ll use it more, using the spiralizer increases your servings of vegetables and replaces your carbs with a low carb and gluten free foods.

Features You’ll Love

  • Very powerfully and quickly creates vegetable spirals that are uniform.
  • Comes with 3 color coded blades to make 3 different sized vegetable pasta noodles (1/8 inch spaghetti, 1/4 inch fettuccine, and ribbon cut noodles.)
  • Comes with a box to store all your unused blades separately so they don’t get dirty while you use it.
  • The food holder secures the food with sharp spikes while spiralizing with the rotating handle.
  • There are strong suction cups on the bottom, this keeps the appliance from moving around while you spiralize.
  • Cleaning up is easy because it is dishwasher safe, just disassemble it and place it on the top rack.
  • The construction material is BPA-free

The Bad

  • Some users report that harder vegetables like potatoes and carrots doesn’t spiralize very well and require more effort than zucchini.
  • The suction cups on the bottom may not work well on some type of surfaces.

Bottom Line: 

A very solid appliance and works very well overall with lots of satisfied users. It is an incredible choice and would be a great addition to the kitchen of any chef, busy family, or bachelor.


4. Spiralizer 5-Blade Vegetable Slicer

This is a great option if you’re looking for lots of blades, as the name suggests, it has 5 blades. It is a new 3rd generation model that is about 35% stronger than it’s previous models.

Features You’ll Love

  • 5 blades allow for the most styles and customization, these extra blades create anything from thin angel pasta noodles to wide ribbon cut strands.
  • About 35% stronger than it’s previous models, it’s made with tough 420-grade high carbon stainless steel blades that cut through vegetables with ease, giving you long consistent strands of spirals.
  • Just like the Paderno, there is storage space in the body of the spiralizer to store the blades.
  • Suction cups at the bottom to spiralize without it wobbling or sliding.
  • Easy to clean with it’s dishwasher safe parts.
  • Comes with 3 recipe e-books

The Bad

  • The suction does not work well for some types of surfaces.
  • Some users complain that it carves out too much of the core, leaving a lot of the vegetable unspiralized.

Bottom Line:

There are many satisfied customers using this spiralizer, it is easy to use and can quickly spiralize your favorite vegetables to create the meals for your family and friends. While it may not be the perfect and best vegetable spiralizer, it does a great job and many people love it and are recommending it to anyone who is looking to buy their first spiralizer.

5. SpiraLife Vegetable Spiralizer

This is a hand held spiralizer that comes with 2 blades, one for making spaghetti and one for cutting wide ribbons. It is like a giant pencil sharpener and is very simple to use. It is very small in size and so it’s good for people who don’t have a lot of space in their kitchen.

The downside is that it requires a lot more manual labor, it’s gonna take a lot of elbow grease and sweat if you’re preparing a large spiralizer feast to feed a large family! But compared to a lot of other hand-held spiralizers, this one 

Features You’ll Love

  • Hand held spiralizers are very budget-friendly, this is an excellent option for those who are testing the waters.
  • They’re small in size, which is perfect for people with limited counter-top space.
  • It has a new and improved food holder cap, this means more of the vegetable gets used and less waste created.
  • Cleaning up is simple because it is dishwasher safe.
  • It comes with a cleaning brush for you to scrap off any stubborn bits that may be stuck in the blades.
  • It comes with an extra hand slicer, a recipe e-book, bag, and instructional videos. It is excellent value for the price.

The Bad

  • Takes more time and effort to spiralize than table-top spiralizers.
  • Hand held spiralizers only take vegetables with a max diameter of about 2 inches. So you’ll have to chop up bigger-sized vegetables before using it.

Bottom Line:

This is a great little spiralizer that works pretty well for a hand held model. The 2 blades that it comes with is more than enough to take care of spiralizing spaghetti and long cut ribbons for salad garnish.

While it’s great value for the price, it doesn’t function as efficiently as the table-top spiralizers. It is a hand held spiralizer after all, and it is a great product for what it is. It is an excellent option if you’re on a tight budget, if you have a space-challenged kitchen, or if you just want to test out spiralizing vegetables but don’t want to commit to a table-top spiralizer which are usually more expensive.

Final Thoughts

There are many different brands and styles  of vegetable spiralizers out there in the market today, and hopefully this guide has offered you some value as to which one to buy for yourself. To summarize, a single bachelor living in a tiny apartment will have different needs than a full-time mom who cooks creative and fancy dishes for a big family, and so which brand/style to choose totally depends on who you are and what your specific needs are.

The 5 brands mentioned in this post are all very popular on the market, customers are really happy with these particular products and are also the ones I would recommend to my friends and family.

If you own or have tried any of these 5 brands, please let me know in the comments below and share your experiences with the community. Also feel free to share this post with your friends on social media!

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