Why Is Trophy Hunting Wrong? 3 Reasons Hunting Sucks

When I talk about “hunting” in this post, I specifically mean hunting for sport, specifically trophy hunting, as opposed to hunting for food. Trophy hunting is basically where people kill animals for “sport,” aka for the fun of it, not survival.  Some people hunt for food and although I also oppose that as a vegan, Read More

What Is Coconut Oil Good For? 10 Surprising Uses

I love coconut oil, you can put it on anything and it’ll make the food taste better. I love roasting vegetables with coconut oil, and spreading some on toast as a vegan butter alternative. It’s extremely versatile in cooking, but it also have many non-food uses as well. So what is coconut oil good for? Read More

How to Get Protein on a Vegan Diet (For Building Muscle)

Vegans are generally bad mouthed pretty hard among the muscle building and weight training fans. If you go up to them and say you’re a world class champion athlete and you don’t eat meat, they’ll think you’re either crazy or you’re lying. People typically assume that it’s difficult to impossible to build muscle on a Read More

What Is Vegan Food? 5 Weird Foods Vegans Eat

A lot of people use the terms vegan and vegetarian interchangeably, as if they’re the same thing, but the two things are completely different beasts. Vegetarians generally don’t eat any meat, but some eat fish, and most eat eggs and dairy. Vegans don’t eat anything that comes from an animal, they also don’t use products Read More

What Is Gelatin Made Of? Hint: Its Not Vegan

Gelatin is a sneaky ingredient for vegans. There are lots of ingredients that have names which don’t tell you what it’s made of, gelatin is one of them, and it’s not vegan. What is gelatin made of? Gelatin is a common ingredient used as a thickener to make things like gummy bears/worms, skittles and other Read More

Are Collard Greens Good For You? Top 6 Healthy Benefits

Collard greens are very popular, especially in southern cooking. People eat the nutritious green edible leaves in all sorts of different ways, usually paired with other types of greens like kale and mustard greens in a salad or with corn bread. Are collard greens good for you? Hell yes. They belong to the family Brassica, Read More

What is The Impossible Burger About? Cadillac of Faux Meat?

It’s a new vegan plant-based burger created by Impossible Foods. It’s making big news in not only the vegan world but the in the world of meat eaters too, because it tastes just like real meat, even meat eaters think so! And it’s not one of those things where meat eaters act all politically correct Read More

Can You Eat Lemon Peels? Surprising Benefits and Uses

It’s very interesting to me that there are parts of foods that people just throw away and completely ignore. I’ve written some blog posts about some of these parts, such as the orange peel, kiwi peel, and avocado peel. These parts of the fruit oftentimes contain a lot of the nutrition such as antioxidants, vitamins, Read More