Top 5 Vegan Ice Cream Brands – Non Dairy 100% Cruelty Free

Before I was vegan I used to love ice cream, especially the sundaes at Mcdonald’s, I also loved making banana milk shakes and adding in vanilla ice cream to make it really creamy and smooth. After going vegan in 2012 I suddenly found myself unable to consume anything made from dairy. Ice cream was out Read More

The Best Vegan Meat Substitute Products – #1 Brands Reviewed

What are vegan “meats”? Basically they’re plant-based foods usually made from wheat, soy, and/or pea protein that are meant to mimic the taste and textures of real meat. Tofu comes to mind for a lot of people, but most non-vegans don’t realize how much more there is, there’s literally a vegan version for ANY kind Read More

Where To Buy Vegan Cheese? + Daiya Cheese Review

I’ve always wondered why people would go vegetarian but not vegan. I mean, vegetarians still eat things like eggs and dairy which means animals still suffer as a result. If you’re doing it out of compassion for the animals, then going vegan would make the most sense. “I want to go vegan, but I love Read More

Vegan Meal Delivery in Los Angeles – Vegin’ Out Review

In 2008 the company Vegin’ Out was created, they rush out weekly deliveries of 100% freshly cooked vegan meals to their customers across the country. They provide vegan meal delivery in Los Angeles California, but they do also deliver nation-wide in the USA. The great thing about them is they provide meals that have a Read More

Best Gardein Meatless Products (My Review)

A lot of people may not realize that you can still keep eating all the foods that you’re used to eating while on a 100% vegan diet. Gardein meatless products uses various plant-based ingredients to replicate traditional foods that contains animal products. It’s incredibly easy to go vegan in 2017 Gardein is probably my favorite Read More