How Many Calories Should I Eat In a Day? Calorie Counting

Generally speaking an adult human needs about an average of 2000 calories per day, but this varies from person to person. How many calories you personally should eat depends on a variety of factors such as height, age, gender, and how much physical activity you partake in daily. To find out how many calories you Read More

How To Stay Active In The Winter Months – My Top 3 Tips

There’s a saying that says “summer bodies are made in the winter,” catchy and true. But for a lot of people, they may find it difficult to stay active in the colder months, and this makes creating a “summer body” during wintertime very hard to do.  Unless you have a home gym, it’s oftentimes a Read More

Short & Long Term Health Benefits of Running Regularly

 Back in 2014 I started running because I discovered all kinds of benefits for it, especially the runner’s high. It’s a euphoric feeling you get after a prolonged cardio workout. Another thing that attracted me to running was the competition aspect, not only from going to a race, but also trying to beat the personal Read More