Can You Lose Weight Eating Carbs? I’ll Prove You Can!

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It seems like everyone nowadays is in the low carb camp. These people think carbs make you fat, fruit is bad, bacon is good, butter is “good fat,” among other types of anti-carb drivel.

In my research carbs is good for weight loss. This is because the body does not turn carbs into fat very efficiently, it rather stores it as glycogen or burn it off as body heat before it puts it on your body as fat. I’ve watched dozens of vegan YouTubers like Freelee, Durianrider, Happy Healthy Vegan, Tedd Carr, Fully Raw Kristina..etc  who not only eats an abundance of fruit, rice, potatoes, and other high carb foods, they eat them without restriction of calories, and they are all lean and healthy.

As a vegan I’ve heard it so many times, people think carbs make you fat. I am so sick of hearing idiots bitch about the potatoes in a poutine and thinking that’s what makes them fat, because somehow fruit makes you fat and cheese is slimming.

Can you lose weight eating carbs?

I believe you can, and I believe that a high carb diet where over 90% of your calories come from carbohydrates like fruit, rice, potatoes, corn, pasta, etc is the best for long term weight loss. A lot of people who do the high protein high fat low carb diets tend to heavily calorie restrict, and I’m not into restriction cause I like eating.

My High Carb Diet Experiment for 60 Days

I will do a  experiment for 60 days where I eat nothing but raw fruits and vegetables.

I can also drink pasteurized fruit juices. The reason I’m doing all raw is because I know that eating an abundance raw sugary fruits is the fastest way to get lean.

I am currently around 5’6” and 160lbs and I am going to eat at least 2500 calories every single day. This is equivalent to eating at least 25 bananas a day. If you think this much sugar is bad and will make me fat, then that is what this experiment is set out to do, prove wrong all this anti carb theory that carbs make you fat. I’ll show you it doesn’t, and that it actually makes you lose weight easily.

I will update this experiment every week or so with some before/afters, be sure to come back to this blog often for my latest results.

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