Can Vegans Eat Animal Crackers? (Funny Question Simple Answer)

The purpose of a vegan diet and lifestyle for me means doing everything I can to reduce harm and suffering to sentient animals. It’s a very unconventional lifestyle and not many people do it, so being vegan naturally means being on the butt end of a lot of jokes and stupid questions.

Vegans don’t eat animals, so can vegans eat animal crackers?

I know that people are just trying to be clever and funny by asking this. I mean, obviously just because we eat an animal cookie that looks like a pig, we’re really just eating things like flour, sugar, baking soda, etc and these things are all vegan.

Animal cookies aren’t actually made of animals, or are they?

Are Animal Cookies Vegan?

It depends on the ingredients, a lot of animal crackers are actually vegan, but some are not.

If you’re looking for vegan animal crackers you gotta make sure to check the ingredients label on the back, make sure there’s no dairy, eggs, gelatin, or any other animal ingredients in there. But if you’re a vegetarian then it’s not a problem for you, since vegetarians can eat eggs and dairy.

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Hidden Animal Ingredients

Sometimes it gets tricky trying to determine if something is vegan or not.

A lot of ingredients are animal based, but you wouldn’t know just from the name of that ingredient. Gelatin is a good example of this. Gelatin is made from boiling the skin and bones of animals, but the name of the ingredient is “gelatin,” not “skin and bones of animals.”

These hidden animal ingredients are commonly used in all kinds of baked products like cookies and bread. 

Have you ever looked at the list of ingredients in bread and noticed all these ingredients with long names that are unfamiliar to you? Well, a lot of them are non-vegan ingredients. Yes, a lot of bread is not vegan!

I’ve written a post about some of these ingredients, the post is about bread but a lot of the same ones get used in cookies as well.

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What Animal Cookies Are Vegan?

Because of the countless number of hidden animal ingredients out there, I don’t want to stand there all day in the grocery store and google search each ingredient one by one to see if they’re vegan or not.

The best way is just to buy from vegan brands, or buy products that others have already researched and have confirmed to be vegan. The following brands of animal cookies are 100% vegan:

Stauffer s Original Animal Crackers

Barnum’s Animal Crackers 8

Kirkland Signature Animal Crackers

Trader Joes Organic Animal Crackers

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