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For people who are looking for a high quality food processor, something that is on the higher end but does all the things that a food processor is supposed to do, the Breville Sous Chef is one of the top dogs worth considering.

This is a device that comes with all the features you’d want, and it is designed with high quality material that will deliver professional quality results. Breville is a very popular brand when it comes to home and kitchen appliances, they have been around since the early 1930’s and they actually created the first sandwich toaster, so you can be rest assured that this is a product made by the pros.

This food processor is not only powerful, but extremely versatile as well. It is an everyday kitchen appliance, but it can do all the things that a professional chef can do. Whether you’re a chef, a student, a stay-at-home mom, or a grandfather, this is a must-have for anyone serious about cooking.

In this post I’m going to go over the Breville Sous Chef Food Processor, it’s reviews and ratings, features, design, and whether it’s worth buying or not.

The Breville Sous Chef Food Processor

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Power & Buttons

This food processor is powered by a 1200 watt peak power induction motor, and operates at 110 to 120 volts. It comes with 3 touch operation buttons, the on/off button, the start button with a pause function, and the pulse button.

Blending Bowls

You get 2 different sized blending bowls, a big 16-cup bowl for dealing with the big food processing jobs such as making a big serving of soup, and a smaller 2.5-cup bowl for the micro jobs where you’re chopping and dicing things in much smaller quantities such as making a little big of sauce or dressing for a salad.

Super Wide Feed Chute

The extra wide 5.5 inch feed chute makes it so you don’t have to pre-cut most of your fruits and vegetables. Just plop your whole carrots in there with no problem.

Discs & Blades

It comes with 5 multi-functional discs and 3 blades which can help you do any task, whether that be slicing lettuce, shredding carrots, grating cheese, peeling vegetables, pureeing baby food, and more. The discs come with a variable slicing disc with 24 different thickness settings, this gives you the option to cut your ingredients to a thickness of anywhere from 0.3mm to 8mm.

The other 4 discs in the set includes the julienne disc, french fry cutting disc, and whisking disc. The 3 blades includes the main universal S blade, a dough kneading blade, and a very small micro blade that is to be used with the 2.5-cup blending bowl. The discs and blades come with their own little container storage box.

Unique Built-In Features

There is a LCD display screen on the user control panel that gives you a count-up and count-down timer, as well as a button for the auto-pulse.

Design & Quality

This bad boy is not a small machine, it weighs in at 26lbs and is quite large, but it can handle the smaller food prepping tasks quite well. Whether you are chopping carrots and potatoes for a hearty soup or blending some ingredients to make a nice creamy dressing or sauce, this professional-quality food processor may come as a very handy addition to your kitchen counter.

This device is made with 100% BPA-free material, and the bottom is made with rubber feet that is designed to make it non-slippery on the counter.

Summary of Features:

  • Extremely powerful 1200 watt induction motor base, strong enough to process the hard and tough ingredients
  • Comes with a large 16-cup and a micro 2.5-cup blending bowl, both of them are made with BPA-free material
  • Super-wide 5.5 inch feed chute means you won’t need to pre-chop most ingredients
  • Comes with 5 discs and 3 stainless steel blades with their own storage container box
  • Easy to use control panel with 3 one-touch operation buttons (on/off, start/pause, pulse)
  • LCD display screen with count-down and count-up
  • Bottom is made with rubber feet for a skid-free design


  • Comes with a powerful motor that is designed to handle most tough jobs
  • Can handle jobs both big and small
  • Comes with many accessories to handle different jobs, such as the 5 discs with 24 thickness settings, and the 3 blades
  • Easy to use control panel with one-touch operation buttons, including a pause and pulse feature
  • Blending bowls are BPA free and comes in 2 different sizes (16-cup and 2.5-cup)


  • The device is considered king of big, and it may take up a lot of space on your kitchen counter or shelf
  • It would be nice if there is a medium sized blending bowl in addition to the large and small bowls
  • The blending bowls and lids are not recommended to be used in the dishwasher

See The Breville Sous Chef Food Processor In Action:

Conclusion: Is It Worth Buying?

Overall the Breville Sous Chef Food Processor is for people who don’t mind paying a bit more for a high quality device. If money is not an issue for you and you’re looking for only the best, then this is definitely worth considering. This is one of Breville’s best food processors and it’ll be hard to find another one that comes with as many useful accessories as this one. If you’re interested in buying a high quality food processor that does it all, this Breville food processor is definitely worth buying.



My Final Rating:

  • Value For Price
  • Features/Specs/Design
  • Speed
  • Capacity
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4 thoughts on “Breville Sous Chef Food Processor – Reviews & Ratings

  1. Rob S. says:

    This processor is one big powerful machine. It really looks like it can handle any job with ease.

    The features are awesome and would make using the machine that much more of a pleasure!I don’t think I’ve ever seen a processor that comes with all the bells and whistles like the Breville Sous Chef does!

    It is a bit pricey, but for the values it offers it would be worth the purchase.

    • Kent says:

      Yeah unfortunately it’s not the cheapest food processor out there, but it’s a trusted brand and there’s a lot of good reviews on Amazon. So I’d go with it if you’re looking to get what the best that money can buy.

  2. Eli says:

    This is a great review for this Breville Sous Chef Food Processor. I think this make work in my kitchen easier. A lot of blades and and thickness result is what I’m looking for. I have a food processor right now but not as many blades as this. When this one retires then I’ll choose Breville’s next.

    Thanks for the review. It helps Moms, like me, in finding the good product.

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