Breakfast smoothie for weight loss (vegan & low fat)

High Water Content Breakfast

I love fruit smoothies for breakfast. It gives me clean burning energy that carries me well into mid-day, and plus it’s also very hydrating. After a long night of sleep your body needs that water to clean out it’s internal system.

You should also drink water while having the smoothie because it’s very important to get enough water, it can help cleanse your colon, which can help it absorb the nutrients better.

The recipe below makes a great breakfast smoothie for weight loss, it is low in fat and high in fiber.

Use Dates As Base For Natural Sweetener

I love using dates in my fruit smoothies because dates are very sweet due to having lots of natural sugars, this is good because it also comes with lots of fiber and vitamins such as vitamin B6, copper, magnesium, manganese, niacin, and riboflavin. Better than adding in sugar with no nutrients, that’s for sure.

A lot of stores do carry dates but most of them are pitted and dried, so you should probably soak them for a while first to make blending them easier.

I see some middle eastern stores in my area selling relatively fresh dates that are moist inside, but if you can’t find them in stores nearby you can buy them online at Amazon. 

Breakfast Smoothie Recipe (Ideal For Weight Loss)

(Serves: 1-2)

Preparation time: 5 mins


  • 10-15 dates (depending on size of your dates and how sweet you want your smoothie)
  • 2 cups of frozen strawberries and kiwi fruit
  • Water or coconut water


  1. Pit your dates and throw them in the blender (If your dates are dry and not moist, let them soak a bit first)
  2. Throw in your frozen fruit
  3. Fill the blender with water up to the top (less water for thicker and sweeter smoothies)
  4. Blend it up till it’s smooth

This recipe makes a big smoothie and normally it would take me about 20 minutes to finish it all, because I tend to eat at least 3,000 calories per day. A lot of people don’t eat this much or maybe they are into calorie restriction so probably this would be more than enough for one person. You can share this with someone or just save it in the fridge for next time.

Note: Instead of water you can also add coconut water to the smoothie for additional taste and flavor. I normally just use water but if I have some coconut water available then I’d pour some in. Coconut water is very low in calories and very refreshing. It also comes with antioxidants, vitamin C, potassium, and some minerals like calcium, iron and zinc.

Expect To Pee A Lot Afterwards

Drinking smoothies in the morning is a great way to start the day. It gives you the right kind of fuel you need for any lifestyle you may have.

Although the one thing I don’t like is you will need to pee a lot afterwards, especially with the amounts that I consume, and I really hate getting up every half an hour to go to the bathroom. But it makes up for it by making me feel light and energetic throughout the day.

Let me know what you think of this date-based fruit smoothie recipe. If you have any suggestions or comments, don’t hesitate to leave them down below. I’d love to hear from you, it helps me improve and to make better recipes for you all.

4 thoughts on “Breakfast smoothie for weight loss (vegan & low fat)

  1. Cathy says:

    Hey there Kent, I always use honey as the sweetener base – never really though of dates before, but now I will. Dates are indeed very sweet, but they do give you a good kick to start off the day without all the processed sugars in coffee or tea.

    I live in the tropics where we don’t get a lot of strawberries /kiwis that often. I might use banana instead. What other fruits do you think will go well with it?

    Thanks for the tips.

    • Kent says:

      Hi Cathy,
      I like to add any kind of fruit that overpowers the flavor of the dates. I don’t really like the taste of dates but it adds sweetness and a nice texture. So I like adding orange juice, and bananas are good also. but bananas tend to turn brown quite quickly which affect the taste so I would recommend you finish it really fast or else the taste will turn weird.

  2. Tar says:

    Hello Kent,

    Smoothies are go-to drinks once upon a time for me. It was my first caloric intake of the day after a productive cardio when I did my paleo diet. Personally, I prefer blueberries and raspberries along with almond milk. Never had dates before so that would be interesting to see if it is for me. Thanks for introducing this to us. A tool to enhance our 2017 healthy plus fitness resolution.

    • Kent says:

      Hey Tar,

      once you add in the frozen fruit and coconut water you wouldn’t even taste much of the dates anymore. I actually don’t like eating dates, but I have no problem using them in a smoothie because their taste kind of get overpowered by the taste of the other fruits.

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