Best Gifts For Vegans (10 Creative & Cruelty Free Ideas)

Veganism is not just about a diet of avoiding animal-based products, but it’s also about avoiding the purchases of products that contain animal-derived ingredients and/or products that were tested on animals.

Believe it or not there are many everyday products that you’d be surprised aren’t 100% vegan including things like shampoo, toothpaste, socks, backpacks, shoes, hats, sugar, stuffed animals, plus many more!

Often it’s not easy to tell if something is vegan or not because there could be sneaky ingredients like “glycerine” or “lanolin” where it is derived from animals, but how the heck would you have known that??

So if you’re trying to buy a gift for someone who is a strict vegan you can imagine how careful you’ll have to be. That’s why I’ve come up with this “Best Gifts For Vegans” article to give you some ideas.

Top 10 – Best Gifts For Vegans

1. Cali White Charcoal Coconut Oil Toothpaste

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It’s pretty ridiculous that something as innocuous as toothpaste you still have to wonder if it’s vegan or not.

Unfortunately glycerine is a very common ingredient found in many toothpaste out there, it’s an ingredient that’s either derived from animal fat or vegetable oil. But unless they specifically says which one it is you wouldn’t know.

Cali White Activated Charcoal toothpaste is made from very natural ingredients like coconut oil and baking soda and it’s 100% vegan. In addition to being a good toothpaste it also contains food grade activated charcoal that whitens your teeth.

2. Puracy Shampoo & Conditioner Set

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Commercial shampoos often contain harmful and toxic ingredients and preservatives like Parabens which damage hair follicles. They also contain animal-derived ingredients like lanolin which is a type of wax that comes from wool-bearing animals like sheep.

Vegan shampoos and conditioners like this Puracy set is great because it’s 100% vegan, made from natural ingredients, and free of any harsh chemicals.

3. Lovery Home Spa Gift Set

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This is a vegan spa gift set basket that includes:

  • 1 nourishing body lotion
  • 1 luxurious shower gel
  • 1 calming bubble bath
  • 2 organic coconut bath soaps
  • 1 bath towel
  • 1 coconut massage oil made with vitamin E and shea butter
  • 1 organic unrefined  shea butter
  • 6 bath bombs

These products are made with safe and natural ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter which is very soothing and healthy for the skin. It’s a lovely gift basket to get for women, or even men who like this kind of bath and body pampering stuff.  

If I had a girlfriend this is the kind of stuff that I would give her, she would smell great after using the products in this gift set that would make cuddling in bed a very nice experience.

4. No Whey Foods Box Of Chocolates – 24 Pieces

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Most people who go vegan have to give up chocolate because most chocolates contain milk ingredients which is not vegan. While vegan chocolates do exists they’re typically found in special places or online, you won’t find vegan chocolates in most grocery stores.

Most vegans don’t get to eat chocolate very often, therefore it’s a very nice idea to give them a box of vegan chocolates, especially if they’re a chocolate lover.

This No Whey Foods chocolate truffles collection is a box of 24-pieces of delicious chocolates that’s 100% vegan and cruelty free, it’s also free of common allergens like dairy, nuts, eggs, soy, wheat, and gluten.

5. Healthy Vegan Snacks Package

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This package contains 20 individually wrapped vegan snacks that are healthy and tasty. There is a large variety of different types of snacks in there such as popcorn, bean chips, fruit bars, nuts, granola minis, soy jerky, cauliflower puffs, and much more.

This would make a really great snack for any kind of vegan, but especially those who are students or busy professionals. These snacks are healthy  and would make a great grab-and-go snack for busy people.

6. Funny Vegan Shirts

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There are many different vegan t-shirts available on Amazon, just click on the image above which will take you to where you can look around to find something you like.

I’m personally a fan of t-shirts that have a funny image or thought-provoking message.

This “I <3 Broccoli” shirt is cute and funny and would make a great gift on any occasion for vegans or broccoli lovers.

7. Vegan Socks

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Yes, even socks you gotta watch out for because some socks are made with wool which is not vegan.

Good thing this pair of “Vegan” socks is made with cotton, nylon, and spandex.

8. LXY Vegan Leather Laptop Bag Backpack

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For whatever reason many people really like leather products. Unfortunately leather is made from animal skin which makes buying them very cruel and unnecessary when you can easily buy faux leather instead which feels just like real leather and is very durable. 

This LXY backpack is made from faux leather. It is perfect for high school or college students because it can carry a laptop up to 14” big and have 6 different compartments to put books and other school supplies.

9. Vegan Keep It Carbed Cookbook

*You can click the image to see the product on Amazon*

This recipe book was created by Anji who is one of the creators of the popular vegan YouTube vegan channel Happy Healthy Vegan. She and her partner Ryan advocates eating a healthy whole plant-based diet with staples such as brown rice, potatoes, beans, vegetables, and fruit. 

Keep It Carbed Baby has 45 recipes that covers breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and toppings.

This is a recipe book that teaches you how to make simple and healthy vegan meals that are regular eaten by Anji and Ryan themselves. For example fruit smoothies, bean tacos, masala curries, gravies, muffins, dessert fudge, and much more.

These recipes are low fat, high carb, and high in nutrition. Very good for people looking to lose weight and keep fit.

10. Bowls & Spoons Made From Coconuts

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These bowls are hand made from real coconut shells and so each one is unique and one of a kind. It comes with 2 bowls and 2 spoons, so if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend this is a perfect thing you can buy for the both of you.

You can eat both hot and cold things in these bowls. They’re not very big, just perfect for eating oatmeal, cereal, a bowl of fruits, vegan ice cream, soup, stews, a bowl of rice, etc.

Add Your Own Gift Ideas Below!

In my opinion these vegan products would make suitable gifts, I hope I had given you some good ideas. Many of the products I recommended on this list are very affordable and can be perfect for any occasion such as Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

When you give someone vegan a gift make sure to mention to them that it’s vegan so they know you have spent the time and energy to pick something out that suits their ethical lifestyle choices. It lets them know that you support their veganism and they would appreciate it very much.

If you have any other gift ideas for vegans I would like to hear them, write me a comment down below which will be shared with all my readers on this blog.

3 thoughts on “Best Gifts For Vegans (10 Creative & Cruelty Free Ideas)

  1. Anastazja says:

    Thanks for these gift ideas.  Although I am not vegan I have family members who are.  It is good to know that I can get toothpaste and other personal products to keep on hand for them.  I did not know that some non-food products were also non-vegan.  I always wonder, when I purchase something online that says vegan if it can be trusted.  Thanks for taking the time to list these 10 things.  Christmas is past, but I can sure use many of the items around the house with vegan family members.

  2. PeterMinea says:


    Beautiful, nice, and welcome: three words to describe these ten ideas you have exposed in the article. Especially the… spoons and bowls from coconuts :). During this period before Christmas I went somewhat vegan too (no milk, no meat, some fish…), but as far as I am concerned it’s not an option for life, it is meant to be a temporary one. There are times I consume milk- and meat-based products too, during a year. Also, the Broccoli shirt looks nifty :).

    Kind regards, Peter

    • Kent says:

      lol there is no “somewhat vegan” if you eat fish then you are not vegan, period. but kudos for cutting out the meat and milk though. 

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