About Me

Hello. I am Kent, welcome to my site Vegan With Kent.

A Little Background

Around mid-2012 I came across a few YouTube videos by a guy named Durianrider and his partner Freelee. They promoted veganism and eating 30 bananas a day, something I thought was crazy at the time, nonetheless sparked my curiosity which led me to learn more about it.

I started doing research online and as I learned, I became increasingly interested about the topic of veganism. Soon afterwards I started doing vegan and have found myself enjoying vegan foods even more than meat and dairy.

I have also discovered many other reasons to stay vegan. I learned about the unethical practices of the animal agriculture industry after watching documentaries such as “Earthlings” and “Cowspiracy.” I suggest you check them out on YouTube if you haven’t already. Bottom line is I don’t believe animal foods are required for the human body to thrive, all the nutrients the body needs (except B12 which can be supplemented) can be found in whole natural plant-based foods.

My goal is to put content out there to help people learn about veganism. If you need any feedback or support regarding veganism, I’m always happy to connect. Just contact me through the comments on my posts. I hope you enjoy my site and come back frequently to check out my posts on how to live healthier on a plant-based lifestyle.

Thanks for dropping by and if you like an article please share it on social media with your friends. See you on the inside, cheers