10 Dumb & Annoying Things People Say to Vegans / Vegetarians

It’s not hard to find a wide-array of anti-vegan comments everywhere on the internet, posted mostly by militant meat eaters. Within these comments you will often find stupid and illogical reasoning behind why they think veganism is bad. If you’re a reasonably open minded non vegan, then you’re probably not one of them. I have seen them and heard them far too many times, and so I would like to bring them up and then put in my comments and criticisms about them.

In this post I’m going to highlight 10 dumb and annoying things people say to vegans & vegetarians (to meat eaters they’re basically the same thing), this isn’t an exhaustive list by any stretch, there are way too many dumb things people say to cover it all in one post. So lets get it started with our first one…

Top 10 dumb things people say to vegans

1. Vegans are weak cause they can’t get enough protein without meat

Some of the top performing world champion athletes are vegan. If vegan strongman Patrik Baboumian can’t get enough protein on a vegan diet, then how could he have achieved the titled of “Germany’s Strongest Man” in 2011? If a vegan diet causes you to become weak, then how did Carl Lewis win multiple Olympic gold medals? There are many, many more athletes worldwide who are able to thrive on a vegan diet. Vegans can easily get protein, stop spreading ignorant myths about the vegan lifestyle.

2. A vegan diet is too extreme

What is it more extreme, to slaughter a sentient animal or pull some fruit off of the trees? Is it more extreme to undergo heart surgery because you’ve had too much artery clogging animal foods? I don’t think that eating the foods designed to be eaten by humans are extreme at all. I think it’s extreme when humans are the ones to drink the milk from another species and it’s extreme when animals are farmed under inhumane and disgusting conditions.

3. Cows enjoy being milked

Who told you? What are you some kind of cow whisperer? Logic tells me that cows enjoys being locked inside a crate to produce milk their whole lives no more than you would. This is so retarded I’m not sure if it’s serious. 

4. Real men eat meat

People who says “real men eat meat” probably feels eating meat makes them tougher than vegans. These types of redneck meat eaters often mistake vegans’ compassion for weakness. But there is nothing tough when all you have to do is go to a supermarket where it’s already been killed and cut up for you to pick up. Driving a truck and shooting at things don’t make you tough either when the things you’re shooting at don’t have the ability to shoot you back.

5. I’d go vegan, but I’m allergic to tofu.

Although many vegan products are made of soy, there are lots of workable alternatives. You can start eating the many variety of fruits, vegetables and legumes that aren’t made of soy or tofu. The tofu has become a representation of what vegan must eat in place of meat for the protein, but that is just not true. There are many natural whole vegan foods that are high in protein. Fruits are generally low in protein, but legume, nuts, and seeds are where the vegan protein is at.

6. You kill bugs when you walk outside

When I became a vegan it was because I believed in reducing the suffering of sentient creatures, I did not want to cause harm to animals when it wasn’t necessary. I don’t care about stepping on bugs when I’m walking outside, but I will not kill them for fun out of respect for living creatures. But also this is because bugs don’t have the same nervous system as mammals do, and therefore they don’t feel pain the same way.

7. But But but… Gawd made dem animals foe us to eat

What about thou shall not kill… except when they thou be tasty when cooked and seasoned with salt and spices?

Didn’t white people used to think God made black people to be their slaves? Men thinking women were made by God to cook for them? There are some Christians who often say things like “if they’re not made to be eaten, then why do they even exist?” My response is why do you exist? Humans tend to think they’re more important than other species and therefore deserve more to live, it’s called speciesism. But no other animals are destroying the Earth and depleting it’s resources more than humans, if humans were gone, the planet and it’s organisms would hugely benefit from it.

8. Nothing to eat but rabbit food!

I hear about people who tries vegan for a short period of time, gets sick and then claims the vegan diet didn’t work for them. Very often people do not know how to feed themselves after they removed the animal foods. They under-eat, restrict calories, and then of course they will lack the energy or even get sick. But the vegan diet itself is not to blame, because people who does it properly are in fact very healthy.

What would you normally eat? Anything can be made vegan, meat, hot dogs, cheese, ice cream, you name it and there is a vegan version of it. There are no shortages when it comes to variety of tasty vegan foods. But if you are going after health, then the natural organic whole plant-based foods would be best. Fruits, rice, corn, potatoes, quinoa..etc

9. I love animals (as they’re eating them)

If you really loved animals then why would you support an industry that abuse and slaughter so many of them? If dogs tasted like bacon, would you eat dogs? Studies have shown that pigs are smarter than cats and dogs, they want just as bad as other animals to live and roam free. Chickens want to spread their wings instead of being crammed into tight battery cages for most of their lives. The best way to showcase your love for animals is to go vegan, the most powerful vote is your money and what you spend it on. So go get those Gardein meatless meatballs instead of that ground dead cow carcass. 

10. Parents feeding their kids a vegan diet is child abuse!

Most people wouldn’t blink when you bring your kids to a KFC, McDonalds, or feed them a tub of dairy ice cream, these foods are high in saturated fat and cholesterol which increases the chances of heart disease. The World Health Organization has said that processed meats causes cancer, but people have no problem feeding sausages, baloney, and chicken nuggets to kids. But if you’re vegan and feed your kids fruit, starches, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds, that is extreme and child abuse? That doesn’t make any sense, and I hope the majority of the people sees this.

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2 thoughts on “10 Dumb & Annoying Things People Say to Vegans / Vegetarians

  1. Olga says:

    It’s funny and sad at the same time…
    Unfortunately, no matter what we do in our lives and what we choose to believe in, no matter what kind of persons we are, there is always going to be somebody who is trying to criticize you or to put you down.
    That is why we all just need to make a choice to live the life we truly want, no matter what, despite public opinion and foolish people.

    • Kent says:

      Hey Olga, nice to hear from you. You are right, there is nothing you can do except to try and not pay attention to ignorance. I am not hating on all people who eat meat, but rather those militant imbeciles who give crap to vegans for “forcing their beliefs down our throat” when they’re doing they same thing themselves.

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